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nail art
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Wilted Dreams

I don't think I've ever done a flower nail art. I love it on someone else but it's not really my thing, you know? For whatever reason I thought it was about time to give it a go and OMG I wish I hadn't! This is so beyond nail fail haha!

grey flowers red sparkle black leaves

Barry M Chai
Essence Black is Back
Sally Hansen Red Carpet

I felt like wearing red on my nails and this Sally Hansen Red Carpet is just beyond gorgeous. I also used this polish in my Fourth of July design. How about a swatch?

sally hansen red carpet swatch sparkle

I then decided to add grey flowers with black leaves. I like the colour combination and the idea seemed great in my head. The execution less so! The flowers were inspired by Paulina's Passions designs but clearly don't look anything like they should haha!

Ah well, maybe it's not so bad considering I've never painted flowers before but still it's so annoying when a design goes wrong. What do you think? Actually...don't tell me! Xx

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