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31 Day Challenge: Flowers

I don't know what possessed me but after my last less then ideal floral manicureI'm at it again! I could have done stamping or water decals, but no, I had to make life harder for myself and attempted free hand yet again. This was inspired by the awesome Lacquer Style and of course it looks nothing like her design. But I was watching her tutorial very carefully and kind of managed to create a floral manicure that I actually like! Woohooo!

#31dc2015 flower delicate blue cornflower nail art

This type of delicate soft flower design is right up my street. No faffing about with shading means I don't want to punch something/someone really hard. Yep, I think I'll stick with these kind of  flower manicures from now on. I know it's not perfect but this was my first try and I am so proud of myself!

#31dc2015 cornflower blue flower glitter nails free hand

Have you ever seen a wheat field? There is always an abundance of poppies everywhere but every now and then you can spot a cornflower and this is what I was inspired by when I was making this design.

Until tomorrow xx.


  1. Hello I am Andrea and I found your blog on the Nail Polish Museum. Your beautiful nail designs caught my eye and I sad to look up and see your blog. I love this delicate looking flowers, you made it look so pretty!
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! That means a lot to me as I'm usually terrible at painting flowers haha! I just can't figure out the shading you know? But with this design I didn't have to! X