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31 Day Challenge: Galaxy

Ever had a day where no matter what you do or how hard you try you can't even paint your nails properly? Not to mention attempting any nail art! Well, I've had one of those today. I tried so many designs and none of them worked! I just couldn't get my shit together.

#31dc2015 galaxy nails star stickers black glitter

So I decided the only way I wasn't going to miss today's 31 Day Challenge was to play it simple. Once I eventually managed to paint my nails properly, that is. I got this Cover Girl Diva After Dark while I was on my holidays in America a few months ago. It's a black polish packed with silver fairy dust. I thought that would go nicely with the galaxy theme. 

I applied one coat of HK Girl Glisten&Glow and added a few star stickers on top. They are from bornprettystore.com and they come in a humongous sheet. I reviewed it here and used it recently in my rainbow design.

#31dc2015 galaxy star stickers 3d bornprettystore

This design is simple, let's face it, I'm not pushing my boundaries here peeps! I still like it though and after so many failed attempts today I think I'm just glad this one worked! Have you ever had a day like mine?

See you tomorrow xx

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