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31 Day Challenge: Half Moon

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to today's challenge because all I see lately are half moon nails! There are EVERYWHERE! My feed on any social media is full of nail polish companies posts from London Fashion Week and yep, you've guessed it, half moon designs are heavily featured! I guess they're just very in at the moment?

#31dc2015 spike spiral vinyls half moon nails

I decided to create a delicate half moon design using vinyl stencils. But let's start from the beginning! First I applied 2 coats of Barry M Cotton and followed with HK Girl Glisten&Glow top coat. I thought I'd show you a swatch because this polish has become my favourite white. It goes on smoothly and there's no patches or smudges. That's so hard to find in a white polish!

#31dc2015 barry m cotton swatch white polish

I then applied these spiral stencils on the top of my nail and sponged WetAndWild Ready to Propose to get the gold outline. I removed the sticker imidiatelly and applied a matte top coat by Barry M. 

I had this idea for half moon design ever since I bought a bunch of stickers from shesellsseashells.co.uk. I wasn't too sure if spiral vinyls would work in a half moon design but I can officially say that they did! I love this manicure so much! It's so simple but effective and the whole look really came together when I added a matte top coat. I've only ever done matte nails a few times and never on white but as soon as I applied it my nails started looking chalky. I'm kicking myself I haven't tried it sooner!

#31dc2015 half moon matte white chalky nails

The stencils were a bit tricky to apply for someone who barely uses that kind of thing. Once I got the hang of it, there was no stopping me though! They stick very well, don't let the polish spill and don't leave any nasty glue on. Here is a direct link to the vinyl stickers in case you want to have a look. What do you think? See you tomorrow xx 

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