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31 Day Challenge: Glitter

In moments like these, I wish I was home looking through my mum's nail polish stash. My mum is without a doubt a glitter queen. I don't think she owns a single bottle that doesn't have at least a dusting of glitter in it. I on the other hand have 3 glitter polishes. Clearly I was spoiled for choice for today's 31 Day Challenge...
glitter dust #31dc2015 marble effect nails

I decided to have a go at a technique I saw in the July/August issue of Nail It Magazine. The whole point of it was to create a marble looking design using a piece of plastic material. My material of choice was a sandwich bag. It all looked fairly simple. You apply a base colour, add a few random blobs of polish on top and squeeze it with a piece of plastic bag. So I decided to try it out....

First I applied one coat of Golden Rose Color Expert 101 and a liquid tape that I reviewed here. A sellotape or a liquid tape really is a must otherwise you'll spend ages doing the clean up! I decided to go with my favourite colour and chose Golden Rose Rich Color 135 and 103, a deep and a delicate shade of violet. I then added a few blobs of both colours (and the beige) on top of my nail and covered it with a sandwich bag. That made all the colours come together and create this marbled look. 

I really like how it turned out but no matter how neat I was applying the liquid tape, my cuticles were still flooded. As you squeeze the plastic bag onto your nails the polish spreads everywhere. So I thought that if I apply less blobs there'll be less polish to spread and less clean up. Well it kind of worked but the marble effect wasn't as good so I had to repeat the process in a few places. I think it's important to find the right balance. Too little polish, no obvious marble. Too much, hello flooded cuticles! 
glitter #31dc2015 nail it marble technique rhinestonesBut hold on, today's 31 Day Challenge prompt is glitter! As you already know my glitter stash is rather poor so I applied Maybelline Sugar Crystals which is a fairy dust kind of polish on top of my marbled nails. I also added a few rhinestones for a bit of extra sparkle!

Until tomorrow xx

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