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31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a colour

I've had one of those bad nail days again. Seriously?! I've only had one like 3 days ago! Anyway as today's prompt for 31 Day Challenge isn't too clear, I attempted a few different designs and they were all crap! In the end, I managed to compose myself, found some patience from god knows where and attempted to create something decent one last time.

#31dc2015 marble jasper stone nail art gold

This is a simple design that I created using a striping brush. I painted my nails using Golden Rose Rich Color 50 and added a few strokes of different colours including Golden Rose Rich Color 103, Ciate Talent Scout, WetNWild Ready to Propose and Golden Rose Color Expert 101. 

#31dc2015 marble stone jasper colourful veins nails

Purple is my favourite colour so I decided to incorporate it into this design. I almost missed today's challenge because I had some sort of block and nothing I tried worked. In the end the whole design took me about 15 minutes to do and I'm not going to lie, after so many failed attempts I was like, in your face 31 Day Challenge!

How are you finding the last section of the 31 Day Challenge 'Inspired by.."? I have to say it's a bit hard to come up with a design after basically being told what to create for the past 20 days!

These nails were inspired by sveta_sanders. Untill tomorrow xx