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31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a song

#31dc2015 stamp MoYou Kitty 11 stripes monochrome

Fun fact! When I was a teenager I was obsessed with Nirvana. I had tops with Kurt Cobain on them and all the CDs I could get my hands on. CDs?! Jeez, now I feel old! One of the songs I loved was Heart-Shaped Box and it was my inspo for today's 31 Day Challenge 'Inspired by a song'.

I was going to free hand most of the designs until I realised I have a MoYou London Kitty 11 plate that has the pefect stamps for today! I used the heart with the locker and the keys. They are all single stamps so I am quite astonished I managed the stamp them perfectly straight. Well, the keys anyway!

For my prison pattern I used straight stencils I got from shesellsseashells.co.uk. They stuck really well and there was no residue. I am usually put off by the stencils so I rarely do horizontal lines but these didn't come out too bad! I may have to do it more often because I love the stripy look.

#31dc2015 inspired by a song monochrome

#31dc2015 heart keys stamps MoYou Kitty 11

Barry M Cotton
Barry M Chai
NYC Melon Milkshake
Rimmel Black Out
Konad Black stamping polish 

#31dc2015 keys locker hearts stripes nails

See you tomorrow! Xx


  1. I liked just few of Kurt Cobain's songs, I was a big Aerosmith fan...and still am. As about your nail art it is very well thought and the final result is gorgeous!

    1. I was absolutelly obsessed haha but I liked Aerosmith too! Thank you, I thought it matched the lyrics well xx