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31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a flag

You know, I really wanted to add a stud right in the middle of this design. I just really fancied a bit of bling. I didn't though because I couldn't help feeling it would look like a pokeball rather than a flag of Poland. Yep, I've gone a bit patriotic for today's 31 Day Challenge.

patriotic independence nais block colour #31dc2015

This design was super easy and quick to do. I painted two coats of Barry M Cotton and waited for it to be at least touch dry. I left about a third of the nail white and on the rest I applied Golden Rose Rich Color 61. Then to make the line between the two colours sharp I added a thin coating of WetNWild Ready to Propose using a striping brush. 

#31dc2015 pokemon independence geometric flag nails

Usually, I'm not really into block colour designs but I decided to give it a go and I have to say I really like the result! Even if it makes me want to sing 'Gotta catch them all' rather than the anthem of Poland...#nerdalert

See you tomorrow! xx

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