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31 Day Challenge: Honour nails you love

I can't believe that the 31 Day Challenge is almost over! Although I had my ups and downs during this challenge l actually really enjoyed it! I'm not going to lie though, I'm looking forward to having my life back!

#31dc2015 doodles gradient mint free hand nails

The last day of the challenge is dedicated to nails you love. This prompt was pretty simple for me because I have been seriously obsessing over Dahlia Nails designs for some time now. I decided to recreate one of their doodles designs because it's really girly and cute. I'm not really a girly girl but I just fancied something sweet. I can't have cake because for whatever reason I decided to give up sugar for Stoptober. Yeah, no idea what happened there either!

Side note, if you've never heard of Stoptober, it's this thing where you give up smoking for the duration of October. I don't smoke so I decided to give up sugar. Mostly because I'm going on holiday soon and don't fancy other holidayers thinking that the sea has washed a whale ashore.

Anyway! I'm in love with this design and guess what, since this is the last day of the 31 Day Challenge I don't have to take it off. Get in! I really fancied green nails so I changed the colour of the original gradient from pink to green. The doodles are free handed using a white stamping polish and a striping brush.

331dc2015 girly scribbles notebook green gradient nails

#31dc2015 school heart arrow 80s nails doodles

I ended up with a glossy finish thanks to the HK Girl Glisten&Glow but then I thought that maybe a matte finish would also look cool, so I took pics of both! I think I prefer matte because it makes the design look a bit more cartoony...and also because I have no choice now!

#31dc2015 gradient mint green matte doodles nails

#31dc2015 matte heart notebook scribbles gradient nails

What do you think? I can't actually believe I managed to complete my first ever 31 Day Challenge and within the time frame too! I think I'll have a day off now;) 

See you soon xx

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