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September Nailbox Review

It's October and you know what that means, Halloween is shoved in your face everywhere you go! I thought it'd be a good idea to carve a pumpkin this year because (prepare yourself) I've only done it ONCE before. Of course all the pumpkins are already gone in my local Morrisons. I mean, seriously people, it's still like another 3 weeks to go!

nailbox september 2015 halloween polish brushes

So no pumpkin for me but I was in a spooky mood and then I realised I haven't made use of my Halloween Nailbox yet! First of all, can I just say that the value of this box is insane. There are 3 polishes, a base coat and a set of brushes. All that for 13.50? Yes, please! There are so many awesome items in this box so let's get started!

sinful pro show off purple shimmer nailbox

First up is this absolutely gorgeous Sinful Pro Shine Show Off. It's a purple polish with a lot of shimmer. Even though the shimmer is visible on the nail, the polish looks smooth, like a liquid ink or something. I'm a sucker for purples and this has to be one of my favourites! I'm so annoyed that I couldn't quite get the colour right on the picture but my camera was in the mood again. The polish looks a bit blue here but trust me it's purple in real life. Think a typical Halloween purple, bright but not in your face kind of shade. The application was very smooth and it could easily be a one coater. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.

taxi cab true brit back nailbox halloween

True Brit Taxi Cab is a black shade and let's face it, a black polish is a must for all your Halloween designs! I like the end result and the polish itself is very glossy even without a top coat. I'm not overly impressed with the application. The first coat was a bit smudgy and not very pigmented but the second coat made everything look neat. As I'm not familiar with the company I decided to do a little research (as you do) and I have to say I'm glad I found this polish in my Nailbox but I would be rather hesitant to pay £12.50 for it. At the same time the bottle looks very luxurious and expensive and the colour range I found during my quick browse was really stunning.

Next up is the Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary Toughflex base coat. That was a bit of a mouthful! The base coat dries really fast, we're talking less than a minute or so. I doesn't leave my nails as smooth looking as my usual base coat OPI Nail Envy but it still gives a nice shine. When it comes to base coats all I am concerned about is preventing nail discolouration and adding nutrition to my nails. This base coat claims to do all that but I've only been using it for a week so I need to wait for the effects a bit longer.

nailbox elegant touch base coat nail art brushes

I couldn't quite believe my luck then I spotted a set of nail art brushes in my Nailbox! I was thinking of getting some new ones soon anyway and now I don't have to! The set features everything you may need: a striping brush, a fan brush, a detail brush, a dotting tool and two clean up brushes. I love that they have plastic handles as opposed to my wooden ones. I often find that the wooden ones are painted and I always end up with paint on my fingers. Not an issue with these ones!

nails inc queen victoria street nailbox bright green

Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street is a rather bright grass green polish. The application is flawless and the polish itself is very pigmented but then I wouldn't expect anything else from Nails Inc. It's an unusual shade of green. It's very bold and quite bright in-your-face kind of colour. It's not something I'd normally pick up but it's perfect for Halloween and I'm sure I'll use it for nail art in the future.

spooky eyes cat halloween matte nailbox

Finally, I've created a spooky eyes Halloween design using all the polishes I found in my Nailbox! I got the idea after I spotted a design by Nails By Cambria on Instagram and decided to recreate it. I added a matte topcoat because I think it goes well with a spooky theme. What do you think? 

Overall I'm very happy with my Nailbox and I can't wait to see what goodies will be in the next one! Have you ever tried Nailbox or any other beauty boxes? Xx


  1. These are awesome! Very creative use of the polishes

  2. Queen Victoria Street is wonderful!

    1. Isn't it?! Although it's not my kind of shade I can totally appreciate how beautiful it is!

  3. Those spooky eyes are something else, truly.

    I love them!

    1. Thank you so much Ana! I think the content of the box was perfect for this design:) x