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Autumn Leaves

You know, sometimes it's nice to break from the usual. I was prepared to hide my bright polishes away until next summer but then I thought to myself: why? What, because Autumn started? Well I fancy bright, red and sparkly nails so I'll have bright, red and sparkly nails, dammit! Whatever the season.

autumn leaf nail art sparkle tutorial red

Of course you can use just about any colour to create a leaf design but I opted for reds and oranges and a bit of sparkle. This was really fun to make as you don't have to be particularly precise when creating a background. All you need to do is sponge a few colours on, add a few lines and BAM, you have an autumn leaf nail art. I made these for Nail Spec and there is even a tutorial! To find out how to create this design step by step visit their blog

nails autumn seasonal leaf rustic sparkly freehand

What do you think? I really love how it turned out, I might try using different colours too next time. Xx


  1. Exactly my thoughts. I like bright colors to much to put them away! I LOVE the nail art you made and the color combo is edgy and cool!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! Oh I'm glad you think so too! I mean why would we hide all the lovely bright polishes when they are so much fun?