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Born Pretty Store Water Decals Review

Sometimes I like to stick to the current trends and do themed designs. A good example would be Christmas. It's coming soon and I will bombard you with festive designs, so prepare yourself! But today is not that day...yet:p. In the meantime, how about some pastel green nails?

water decals bornprettystore native striped nails nail art

I got this polish when I was in America earlier this year. This is Colour Prevails Socially Awkward and it is officially my favourite green ever! It's like a light pear shade and I can't believe I've waited this long to try it! There's just one problem with it: what's with the crazy handle?! I was sure it was detachable so I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get it off. Looks like it's not going anywhere though! Don't get me wrong it's very nice looking but the 'wing' is a bit in the way and you have to make sure your brush is aligned to wipe the excess polish off. On the plus side, the polish is absolutely gorgeous so I'm going to deal with it!

colour prevails socially awkward swatch pear green pastel

When I received a set of native water decals* from bornprettystore.com I was so happy! I was going to do something really bold but then I had a *tiny* accident. I mean it wasn't THAT bad, I only spilt a glass of water all over the decals...Did I mention that at this stage the plastic layer was still on?

If you're new to water decals here's what that means:

Water decals are covered with a plastic sheet that you should remove before placing a decal in the water. If you don't, the decal will stick to the plastic and although you can still slide it off the backing paper it will be very hard, not flexible and basically your chances of making it work are zero. Trust me, I've learned that the hard way! So in simple terms, it's bollocks.

Luckily I cut all the stripes you see on my nails beforehand but it meant my design had to be rather simple. I'm hoping I can still salvage the situation though. I mean look at all these pretty decals! They are currently hanging on my drying rack. I don't know whether the plastic will come off but I'll see how it goes when it's dry so fingers crossed!

water decals bornprettystore pattern native review

Anyway, the decals I did get to use applied like a dream. I seriously never had a problem with any water decals from bornprettystore.com. You just cut the design you want, peel off the plastic layer, put it in the water for a few seconds and slide the decal off the backing paper. Once the decal is on my nail I prefer to use a hair drier to get rid of the moisture as opposed to just dabbing it dry with some kitchen towel. It means that the decal doesn't stick out on my curved nails and all the moisture can evaporate so there's no bubbles once you apply top coat.

tribal native pattern nail art gold stripes green

I really like this design but the more I look at it the more I think it resembles an Easter egg! I don't usually pair green with blue but sometimes, I try something different and it actually works. Only sometimes though:P What do you think?

tribal native pattern pear green pastel gold nails

Born Pretty Store ships internationally free of charge and you can use my discount code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout! You can find these water decals* here. Just don't spill water on them...

Thanks for reading x


  1. This kind of mint green is one of my favorite colors and I use it when ever I feel to it, doesn't matter of the period of time! The decals look very nice on this pastel shade. Great mani!

    1. Thank you, I am actually not that keen on green in general but I love this one so much! I'm glad you like the mani, you don't think it looks a bit like an Easter egg? Haha x

  2. :) Maybe a little bit, but it doesn't matter, I think it is beautiful!