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My Christmas jumper obsession continues. Today I decided to use my MoYou London plate that I was talking about a few posts back. I was trying to figure out another way to use this plate for today's #wnac2015 and I came up with this little number.

christmas jumper stamping monochrome moyou London opi

If you're not too sure of what you're looking at, let me explain! Basically, I made a decal, cut it into three pieces and stuck it on my nails! This technique was a little bit fiddly a first but I got there in the end. I wasn't too sure if this little experiment was going to work out but I have to say I love the end result! MoYou London Festive 06 plate is one of my favourite Christmas plates but my nails are so long now that the stamps don't cover my entire nail beds. 

At least the base was simple enough! I used Barry M Cotton and topped it with one coat of OPI Happy Anniversary. I'm in two minds about this one. One thing is certain, it's a gorgeous shimmery topper. It's very sheer so I wouldn't wear it on its own but I think it works beautifully with this manicure. I'm a bit disappointed though because it looks golden in the bottle but once I put it on my nails it turned silver. 

decal festive jumper sweater #wnac2015 christmas

I know for a lot of you black and white designs would not be your Christmas nails to go, believe me I get it! But if like me you've started rocking your festive designs just A TAD earlier this year, a nice monochrome may be just what you need to cleanse the palette a little bit! I loooove this festive design so much! It's just so sophisticated and I got so many compliments during the past SIX DAYS I was wearing it.



  1. These are stunning!! <3 Your designs are always so beautifully neat and creative.