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For today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge 2015  my mind went blank! The prompt for today is stars and I kinda had this idea to do some form of gradient but the gradient gods were not watching over me...in fact, nail gods are completely blowing me off today! Add to that the fact that I have a flu and you can't blame me for going for something simple today. 

christmas #wnac2015 studs arrowheads rhinestones true brit

I've decided to create star shapes using gold arrowhead studs and orange rhinestones. I bought the studs a while ago from shesellsseashells.co.uk and I am so happy with the quality. I reused them a couple of times already and I will most likely continue to do so because the they don't bend and the colour doesn't wash off. I applied the stars over True Brit Park Lane that I found in my November Nailbox. It's a slightly cool, Christmassy green with a hint of blue. I think the colour is absolutely stunning but the application really lets it down. It was very streaky and I found it really hard to get an even looking coat. 

christmas festive true brit park lane stars
Even though this design is rather simple there is just something about it that makes me want to never take it off! I think it's the sparkle in the middle. What do you think about it?

festive christmas regal gemstones rhinestones #wnac2015 studs

Hopefully by next week I'll be feeling a lot better because the last #wnac2015 theme is Christmas and I really want to go crazy with the last festive design of this year!

Thanks for reading xx