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Anastazja Nail Water Wraps Review

Today I have a review of beautiful nail water wraps* from Anastazja.net. Let me start with a word of warning: this post is seriously, SERIOUSLY picture heavy. I couldn't help myself though, because I'm in love with all the nail art I've created with these water decals! First, a quick word about the company.

anastazja.net nail water wraps decals review

Anastazja is a company from Poland that has an absolutely huge variety of stunning nail water wraps. Just have a look at their website, I dare you. Anastazja offered to send me a few samples to review and I jumped at a chance. I'm a huge fan of water decals and I was happy to help out a fellow Polish girl :) All the water decal sheets came in separate clear envelopes with no plastic covers. I thought that would make fluff and bits stick to it but surprisingly the sheets weren't sticky at all. They were easy to work with but if you are new to this kind of product there was also a how to leaflet enclosed. To find out how I apply water decals check out this post with detailed instructions.

snake skin water decals anastazja flakes ciate snowglobe

First, I want to show you an animal print design I created using water decals number 298* from the Basic Collection. This design is see through so you need a white base underneath it. Usually I'm not a fan of full nail water wraps because my nails are curved and I always end up with creases on the sides. These creased but then somehow moulded into the white base. I have a feeling it's to do with the material the decal is made of. It's not as plasticy and rigid as other water decals I've used so I was able to smooth it out easily. And who doesn't like a bit of snake skin, right? I used Ciate Power Dressing (navy) and Ciate Snowglobe for the flakes.

water decals animal print flakes holographic review anastazja

The next sheet I tested was Little-38* from the Little Collection and it's my favourite of the lot. It's divided into two sections, a colourful one (which needs a white base) and a black one. It features a lot of symbols that I don't recognise but Google told me they come up in many cultures. I really wanted to reflect the vibrancy of this sheet in my design and I can't think of brighter, richer shades then Models Own Polish for Tans Collection*. 

models own polish for tans water decals review

oriental water decals colourful summer bright manicure nails

anastazja little water decals studded gradient colourful

Recently Sammy form The Nailasaurus created a very subtle gradient and I just knew I had to recreate it! I decided to add metallic accents from Shine-15* water decal sheet (Shine Collection). This sheet is full of damask, geometric and floral designs. When it catches the light it's so reflective it blinds you. That's one way to get noticed!

metallic water decals damask review gadient delicate

delicate gradient metallic anastazja water decals review

I smoothed out my gradient with a top coat but once I applied the water decals I didn't go over it again. Unfortunately every top coat I own made the decal appear glittery rather than metallic. However the company also sells a UV top coat that apparently works best with the water wraps for all you gel manicure lovers!

metallic water decal review mint gradient anastazja ciate

Anastazja.net offers international shipping. If my billion pictures was not enough for you, connect with the company on their social media and discover more!

What do you think about the nail water wraps? Do you like the designs I've created? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon xx


  1. In the first mani I love on your middle finger the way you added the decal and the last nail art is breath taking beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! The last one is my favourite, it feels so summery and I can't wait for this winter to be over!

  2. amazing nail wraps :)- I have never heard about this company....

    1. Thank you! I've never heard of it before Anastazja got in touch, but I'm so happy she did because they are great! x