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BPS | Clear Stamper Review and Nail Art

If you follow this blog then you will know I am quite keen on stamping. I've found the type of stamper that works for me, the stamping polishes that transfer the designs nicely onto my nails and the plates that make picking up a pattern easy. My stamping journey is complete, right? Nope. As soon as my package from bornprettystore.com arrived I couldn't wait to whip out my clear stamper* and give it a go. I am now seriously questioning how have I ever stamped without it!

bps clear stamper review furious filer nail art

The idea behind the stamper* is that you can literally look through it as there's no bottom attached to it. Once you've picked up your design you can see it through the stamper's* clear head and therefore apply it exactly where you want it. The stamper* comes with a scraper* and I have to say I am not impressed by it. I found that very often the stamp came up with lines of missing design because of the way the scraper removed the polish.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to try a few different designs to test this stamper* to it's full potential. My first attempt was partial stamping. I purposely chose geometric designs that I would normally struggle to apply straight. 

partial stamping nails moyou artist plate glitter purple

The stamper* is squishy but it doesn't 'swallow' my nail. That worked for me as using a very soft stamper head often ends up with a distorted pattern. With this stamper* I had no troubles placing the design exactly where I wanted it and check this out, I even managed to apply the stamp on top of the original one in THE EXACT same spot. Basically, my black stamping polish was almost gone and it didn't cover the whole pattern well. It came out all patchy so I had this idea (probably high on polish fumes) to apply that same design over the patchy bits again on my middle finger and it worked!

arrows geometric glitterbomb ciate partial stamping moyou bps

I mean, what is this magic?! As a base I'm wearing Ciate duo, Sugar Plum and Glitterball. The stamp is from MoYou London Artist 04 plate. 

holographic geometric stamping shapes triangles nails studs neon

For this next design I recycled one of my previous F.U.N. Lacquer swatches (reviewed here). I went for another geometric design, this time from MoYou London Holy Shapes 02 plate. I mean, this pattern just HAS TO be in the middle of your nail and there was virtually no way I could have done it without my new stamper*.

yellow holo blue nails moyou holy shapes studs
A picture of geometric holo design taken in the direct sunlight
I didn't have any problems transferring the design onto the stamper. I used MoYou Nails blue stamping polish*. The holo was so vibrant that I decided to add a few bright yellow studs from bornprettystore.com to complement it.

The clear stamper comes in three colours: pink, purple and clear. If you decide to pick up one for yourself you can find it here. Don't forget you can use my discount code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout. Bornprettystore.com ships internationally free of charge.

What do you think about my designs? Have you tried a clear stamper before?

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