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Leopard Half Moon for Nail Spec

Can you believe it's already February? I'm so glad January is over now! I thought January was supposed to about the hope and excitement for what's to come this year and all that stuff. Um, initially, perhaps. From where I was standing it was cold, my dry skin hated me and I still felt the need to turn the lights on at 1pm. Yes, a perfect time to give you that boost and hold on to your New Years resolutions. I know, I know, any more positivity and I might burst! 

bright yellow leopard print half moon nail art

Anyway, my point is I needed something encouraging to get me through the month and these bright nails are doing just that. I created this design for Nail Spec. If you find yourself needing some more colour in your life you can recreate these with my super easy four step tutorial

summer animal print tutorial nails pink yellow bright

I've noticed I'm reaching for bright shades a lot more now then I did in summer, or actually, ever. I think this trend will continue, at least until the need for spring pastels kicks in!

See you soon xx