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MeeBox Red Carpet: Nail Art

Did you get a chance to have a look my MeeBox Red Carpet* review? You can check out all the goodies and swatches from this nail subscription box here. This post is all about the nail art using all those treats! One thing that you notice on any red carpet event apart from the fashion is jewellery! Gems on dresses, studs and beads on purses and of course jaw dropping necklaces (I'm looking at you, Charlize Theron!). Have you seen Daisy Ridley's outfit for the Oscars? I absolutely loved all the gems on her dress so it won't surprise you that the nail art in this post is going to be very gem and stone inspired heavy.

druzy marble nail art studs red carpet meebox

Let's start with my favourite look, the water marble! Ever since my first successful water marble design I might have been a teensy tiny bit obsessed with the whole idea. For this look I used Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment'*, Leighton Denny 'Feel the Burn'* and Smith and Cult 'Porn-a-Thon'*.

gem druzy red nail art square studs glitter

 As a base I applied two layers of 'Feel the Burn'*. Both nude and red polishes spread really well in water but the glitter separates in such way that it produces this druzy looking design and I LOVE IT! I added a line of Sparkly Nails' square golden studs* to compliment the look.

studded red glamorous druzy gem nails meebox furiousfiler

Now for something a bit more edgy. Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment'* is my favourite polish from the box so I really wanted to incorporate it into the nail art as more than just an accent nail. So I went all out! 

textured glitter nails inc chelsea embankment french alternative

I added nude half moons and red french using Leighton Denny 'Feel the Burn'* and Smith and Cult 'Porn-a-Thon'*. On my ring finger I used the colours alternatively. I love the diferent finishes (the glitter has a textured finish) and the colours together. Glam but modern!

french half moon nails red nude textured glitter

And finally another marble look. This one is a bit more blended compared to the first one I did. I kinda didn't think this one through and just blended all three shades together...which is fine I guess, but as I said before the glitter is a textured polish so the whole look was a bit rough to the touch.

blended marble cling film glitter accent nails studs

I did use 2-3 layers of top coat to smooth it out but who cares, it was worth it! I added one Sparkly Nails' golden stud* on each nail and Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment'* on my accent nail because why not! 

red marble textred glitter sparkle glam furiousfiler meebox

I realise that all of the three designs are blingy and a bit out there but listen, the MeeBox theme this month was Red Carpet not a night out at your local pub...although I can't see why they wouldn't be fit for that occasion too! :D

What do you guys think about my designs? You can find out all you need to know about MeeBox here. The next month's theme has just been announced and it's super cute so sign up while you can!

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  1. The water marble is beautiful :)

    1. Thank you so much Gosia! I think I'm getting the hang of this water marble thing!:D