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Danglefoot Polish | Holo Jellies And How To Use Them In Nail Art

I have only recently discovered my love for jelly polish and what opportunities it presents to a nail art lover. Sheer hosiery design on your nails? I'm in! So as you can imagine when I was contacted by Hayley from Danglefoot Polish about reviewing her jelly range I was super excited!

danglefoot polish holo jelly yellow red blue purple

I have four polishes to show you today. They are all linear holo jellies that are opaque in three thin coats. I was really pleasantly surprised by the consistency. I was expecting them to be gooey (like most jellies I've tried) but they are very runny and apply like a dream. Hayley did mention that they were designed with nail art in mind and worked well with pond designs, lead lighting and watermarble. I decided to give all three techniques a go to put the polishes to the ultimate test!

danglefoot polish linear holo jelly indie swatch holographic

I have been dying to do more lead lighting designs sinice this 31 Day Challenge manicureAll my jellies have gone a bit meh so I haven't had a chance to do it properly. Until now! If you've never heard of it, lead lighting is a technique where you apply a stamp on your nail and then colour it in with tinted polishes. It's a great alternative to advanced stamping because there is no need to create a decal to get a colourful stamp. I did notice that although all four polishes worked really well on dots and larger patterns, I personally found them a little bit too opaque for smaller designs with a lot of detail in them such as sea shells and so on. 

lead lighting holo stamp polka dot sheer tinted

I am really happy with how this design turned out. I applied the stamp from MoYou London Artist 04 plate over a white base and then added colourful dots using all four polishes. I love that even though they are jellies this manicure is so vibrant! The holo effect is very delicate because there is only one layer of polish here but I have to say I really like the subtle sparkle. Now all that was left to do was a top coat and job done! 

lead lighting moyou artist 04 stamp danglefoot polish

I'll be honest, I thought all four polishes were a bit too opaque for a pond manicure the first time I swatched them. It turned out I was wrong! I'm no 'pond expert' but I gave it my best shot and I am really chuffed with the result. 'I Have Nothing to Wear'* is such a vibrant blue shade that reminded me of the sea side. This is why I decided to pair it with a starfish stamp from MoYou London Sailor 01 plate. It was really easy to apply the stamp exactly where I wanted it thanks to my BPS clear stamper* (reviewed here) which has to be the best invention ever for nail art enthusiasts. 

pond holo holograpic jelly starfish sailor nails

Here I'm wearing three layers of stamps and two layers of the blue polish. I think it's the perfect balance between a good coverage but still having a visible layered effect. The polish applied well, there were no smudges and just look at the sparkle! I love it and will definitely experiment with the other three polishes in the future. 

sheer pond manicure beach summer holographic blue sailor

The last design I want to show you is water marble. Yes, you read that right. I did water marble and it worked, probably the first time ever. I used Barry M 'Cotton' as a base to help the colours pop. I then added a few drops of 'Does My Bum Look Big In This'*, 'I Have Nothing To Wear'* and 'Bad Hair Day'* to my little espresso cup full of water, swirled them back and forth, dipped my fingers in nd ta dah! The polishes spread really well and I had no bubbles on my nails afterwards. Side note, I don't know why I own an espresso cup, I don't even drink coffee!

sheer hologaphic water marble yellow blue purple sparkle

I love this design partly because I can't believe I actually managed to do it but also because it's so summery and fun! Have you ever had an ice cream called Zapp? This is exactly what it reminds me of although my boyfriend keeps saying it looks like a Gobstopper. What the hell is a Gobstopper?! In his words: it's a lollipop like sweet for kids that you lick everyday for ages until it's gone. Erm, gross. I'll stick with Zapp!

straight lines watermarble summer zapp gobstopper holographic jelly

I think it's safe to say that this jelly range passed the test! I think all four polishes work really well with all the techniques I subjected them to. What do you guys think about my designs? By the way, I don't know if you noticed but...OMG I CREATED A WATER MARBLE!

Danglefoot Polish is a handmade nail polish made in the UK. You can check out all the available shades here. Hayley also offers discounted shipping on international orders over £30!

See you soon! xx


  1. They all look lovely :) I particularly like the blue starfish design.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm loving the pond manicures recently and who doesn't like a bit of sparkle? xx

  2. The second, ocean design is rly beautiful <3

  3. These are gorgeous designs must pick up some of these jellies soon :)

    1. Thank you! I never realised there are so many designs you can do with jellies but now I'm obsessed!><