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Speckled Eggs for Nail Spec

I am totally not feeling any cute Easter related nails this year! Just the thought of trying to stop my hand from shaking while attempting for the 10th time to paint cute bunny ears makes me want to lose it. Still, Easter is fast approaching and there's no way I'm missing out. After all, you only get a chance to do it once a year!

easter egg nails specked egg matte tutorial

I thought it would be a really fun idea to create a speckled egg design because it's quick and easy and hardly anything can go wrong. My kinda stuff! All you need to get the speckled effect is a fan brush. I created these for Nail Spec and you can check out a detailed tutorial here.

easter egg speckled nails tutorial matte pastel

This is the second holiday that I've screwed myself over. First I totally overdo it during Christmas so now I am trying to do the opposite and end up with ONE design. If you don't know what happened at Crimbo, I've created a billion simple and complicated designs and on actual Christmas Day I was like, um, red nails? 

If you however want something cute and fluffy on your nails this Easter, check out my bunny and Easter egg designs from last year on my long claws. See you soon! xx

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