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Wonder Woman Nail Art

Ever since the first Batman vs Superman trailer came out I've had to listen to my boyfriend's 'Christian Bale is the true Batman' monologues. Yep, the struggle is real guys! I'm hoping that once we watch it the rant will finally be over. I mean, let's face it, as long as Henry Cavill is still Superman, WHO CARES?!

wonder woman nails batman vs superman water decals

Anyway, I decided to do some matching nails for the occasion but I focused on Wonder Woman who also features in the film. I had a few ideas in mind but then I realised I have Wonder Woman water decals*! Pheeew, can you imagine me trying to paint a tiny face on a tiny nail? #furiousmoment

These decals* are from Anastazja shop. I've done a full review of her nail water wraps that you can check out here. Also I finally found a way to make sure my decals don't dissolve under a top coat. I've tried every single top coat I own and although some were better than others, they still weren't ideal. Until I tried OPI Nail Envy which is my favourite base coat. I tried this trick over a different brand's decals yesterday and it worked too. No splitting, no bubbling, no dissolving. Get in!

On the rest of my nails I applied the gorgeous Leighton Denny 'Feel the Burn'* from the February MeeBox*. You can find a swatch here. I added a few small silver stars from bornprettystore.com. To get 10% off your purchase at Born Pretty Store use my code SXL91.

Are you guys going to watch the film? I need to wait till next week so no spoilers please! :D


  1. These are awesome! Loving this mani hoping to see the movie this week, so fingers crossed Ben Affleck does well at playing batman lol x

    1. Thank you! He better be good or I'll never hear the end of it lol! x