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#RiRiMee MeeBox: Review and Badass Nail Art

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'Rihanna'? Style icon, perhaps? Great singer? Sure! But for me, it's BADASS and that was clearly what the MeeBox girls thought because the contents of this month's box have it written all over them!

nail subscription box meebox holo review furious filer

First, a few lines about MeeBox in case you're new to it. (Note: if you ARE new to it, you need to have a talk with yourself. Seriously.) MeeBox is a UK subscription box dedicated to nails. Once a month beautifully wrapped goodies land on your doorstep and they all correspond with the chosen theme. Last month it was all to do with wedding ready nails, this time we'll be channelling our inner Rihanna! Let's have a look.


danglefoot nail polish Higitis Figitis swatch meebox swatch

I don't actually have a favourite shade this time because they are all fab, so I'm going to start with one of the brands I am familiar with! Danglefoot Nail Polish Higitis Figitis* is a beautiful black holographic shade with gold specs. It is absolutely bloody stunning! The formula is very smooth and easy to work with. Here I'm wearing 2 coats with a layer of top coat.

review furious filer Higitis Figitis swatch meebox swatchAccording to my Google research, Rihanna loves rocking a matte nude mani. It comes as no surprise then, that a nude polish is one of the treats! This is Zoya Leah* and it's a gorgeous taupe with a hint of lavender/grey. It applies very smoothly, which surprised me as I find a lot of polishes that are not glossy to be rather streaky. It dries to a finish that I've never experienced before and I can best describe it as a 'furniture finish'. You know, like a smooth, non-glossy looking surface. I know, I'm seriously selling it right now. It's basically satin smooth and I'm loving it! The colour works so well with my skin tone too. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and no top coat.

zoya leah satin swatch review furious filer meebox

This was my first experience with Wah Nails London but I seem to remember reading an article about it in Cosmpolitan some months ago and I've seen the brand in Boots as well. This is 'Love My Team'. First, we need to talk about the formula. It's simply perfect. The polish applied smoothly and was pretty much opaque in one coat. The bristles are slightly rigid which prevents the brush from 'spreading' too much and therefore leaves no streaks. The colour is a true red and I'd describe it as 'clean', no creaminess (is this a word? It doesn't look right;) which makes the polish very crisp and glossy. Yep, I'm loving this one. In the picture I'm wearing 2 coats.

wah nails red swatch love my team furiousfiler

The last polish in the box was a bottle of Mini OPI Original Nail Envy*. This is a real treat for any of you that have never tried it before. It's a treatment I use on a daily basis as my base coat and it got my nails to where they are now. They are stronger and healthier and I'm so happy to have a mini bottle to take away when I travel! I could go on forever but nobody got time for that, so if you need any more info on Nail Envy check out this post (try not to judge me for my nail shape, it was a working progress!).


spikes studs badass rihanna red meebox 3D nails

Design no 1.

When I spotted a set of 20 silver spikes* in my MeeBox I was super excited. I've never tried these kind of studs before but always wanted to. At first I thought, let's just do an accent nail, that'll be cute! But then you have to ask yourself, it that what Rihanna would do? Um, I doubt it! So I went all out and I LOVE IT! I felt like an absolute badass wearing these! I can already see myself putting this month's 10% off studs discount code* to good use.

3d cool futuristic spikes studs furiousfiler #RiRiMee egdy

Design no 2.

These I'm not too sure about. It was really fun to make the splatter effect (using a straw) but I can't help feeling it looks a bit Halloween like. In my defence, I was going for something edgy so perhaps it's not all that bad!

splatter splash halloween blood cuticle tattoos egdy furiousfiler

Now, let's talk about these Rad Nails Cuticle Tattoos*. Have you ever tried those temporary tattoos that used to come with a pack of crisps? If you haven't, don't worry because:

a) I'm pretty sure it was a thing in THE PREVIOUS CENTURY
b) the instruction on how to use these tattoos is on the back

meebox rihanna rad nails cuticle tattoos free hand

Cuticle tattoos are new to me although I've seen them before, of course. I always wanted to try them and OMG this has to be my favourite accessory ever! They just look so cool! I can see myself wearing them in the summer months with neons and they are perfect for a festival look too.

gradient nude black holo satin sparkly nails furiousfiler

Design no 3.

I always wanted to do a gradient with contrasting colours and here was my chance! Although the I love this design on its own, I added a free hand fading leopard print for a bit of an edge. I have to say I love how the tips are sparkling with holo!

egdy faded gradient animal print black holo badass

What do you think about #RiRiMee MeeBox* and my designs? Have a favourite? We have Rihanna's staple colours, studs and tattoos so I think the girls smashed it this month! For more information and prices check out MeeBox's website. Xx

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  1. Great review hun and beautiful manis :) x

  2. Oh this is a gorgeous box & your nail art choices are perfect. No3 is my fave but I'm also loving how punky no1 is! Love love love!!
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you, Vicky! I think the studded one is my fave. I love all the products every time, I don't know how they do it! Xx

  3. These are fabulous especially the first 0ne.