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31 Day Challenge: Silver Fern

Last year I visited New Zealand and I swear it has every single geographical feature known to man. Beaches, mountains, forests, volcanoes, you name it, that county's got it! Still, it felt like no matter where I went, silver ferns were always around. The locals told me that its unfurling leaf was the symbol of New Zealand and it features in a lot of Māori art. In today's design we take inspiration from artwork so can you see where I'm going with this?

#31dc2016 maori art silver fern furious filer leaves

I started with one of my favourite shades ever, Ciate Sugar Plum. I added a layer of Cuccio Fever of Love*. This polish is amazing! I then stamped a leafy design from the MoYou London Enchanted 01 plate using MoYou White Knight stamping polish. I love how the glitter peeks through the pattern! I hand painted the silver fern on my ring finger and sealed my design with a layer of top coat. 

maori silver fern unfurling nail art glitter stamp

moyou enchanted leaf design stamp sweet cute nails

I realise that the colour combo may not be typical of your leafy designs or New Zealand for that matter. If you're a regular reader then you know that I love purple and it seemed like the perfect colour to match with my favourite place on earth. Every time I looked at this design it brought back memories and I was so sad to take it off! 

sweet pink glitter nail design girly #31dc2016 silver fern

Ok, that's quite enough of the sop-fest, I think. I'll see you tomorrow where I'll be back to my sarky self! Xx 

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