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31 Day Challenge: Green Nails

Man, I am bending the rules of this challenge big time! But hey, does it have green it in? Yes, it does so my conscience is totally clean!

#31dc2016 mother of pearl shell paper bps review

I've been meaning to use this green shell paper* from Born Pretty Store for sometime now and today seemed like the perfect opportunity. This sticker resembles a green mother of pearl and it has a foil protection on top (that needs to be removed before applying). I cut the sticker into very thin stripes, applied it over the whole length of my nails and sealed it with top coat.

mother of pearl green sticker nail art bps

Now, how about pairing green with pink? I am totally in love with this colour combo plus, I really want to work through my entire Collection's new range. I've loved every shade of the 2 Step Solar Shine Gel line so far and this Sultry Sorrento is no different! A great brush and formula, what else can a girl want? 

#31dc2016 pink collection sultry sorrento sticker furious filer

What do you think about this colour combo? See you tomorrow xx


  1. Ha ha well it does have green- nobody ever said it had to be ALL green. I love that shell paper! Very pretty and interesting.

  2. Loving your sneaky way of getting around a colour prompt you're not too keen on. However you may have created one of the most beautiful 'simple' design mani's I've seen in ages. It's truly incredible.
    Vicky xx

  3. the shell paper is fab. I love the colour combination and the green is just enough. green is not my favourite colour either but this works.