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Simple Nail Art Featuring Chrome Striping Tape

nude nail art metallic tape minimalistic furious filer

If you've been with me for a while then you know that striping tape is pretty much the reason there's a word 'furious' in my blog's name. It's just so fiddly and I can't even remember the last time I used it! Having said that...a striping tape that is metallic AND doesn't need to be removed? Um, OK then.

I wanted to pair this accessory with a nude polish for a delicate look. Speaking about polish, this Cuccio 'Pier Pressure' has an amazing formula and I suppose it does help that the colour is absolutely stunning! It's my go to neutral shade. 

delicate metallic chrome striping tape nude nails

The tape is 3 mm wide and 20 m long, apparently. Um, I'm not sure if Born Pretty Store is serious there or not?! I love the rose gold finish but there are a number of other colours to choose from. This one is number #3. The tape is self adhesive and doesn't have any annoying frilly bits sticking out at the sides which I often find with striping tapes. Another rather infuriating thing is that metallic accessories often turn glittery when you apply top coat but this one became more shiny, if anything. The top coat didn't dissolve the product or make it peel off and just really made it pop up against the nude nail.

wedding nail art ideas metallic stripes simple chrome

You can have a look at the full colour and size options of the striping tape hereI'm seriously digging this simple look. What do you think? 


  1. Gorgeous look! I can't believe it took companies years to come up with the idea of wide striping tape :P

  2. This is so elegant! I really like the thickness of that striping tape.

  3. Love reading your blog posts and hearing you describe your adventures with nail art. I agree that striping tape is crazy annoying but this one looks so much easier to use as it's thicker and it looks beautiful the way you've used it!
    Vicky xx