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Gatsby MeeBox: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

sparkly bag essentials meebox gatsby furious filer review

Did you all watch the Oscars the other day? I did because where else am I going to see Ryan Gosling live for 3 hours?? Since it doesn't look like I'll be flying off to Hollywood, living the dream anytime soon, I got myself all glammed up and sparkly with the newest MeeBox edition called Gatsby. There seems to be a rather annoying theme with me and film inspired MeeBoxes. It turns out, I haven't seen any of them! Remember what happened with the Wizard of Oz box? Let's not even go there. However, the Great Gatsby apparently has Leo in it and that's about as good a reason to watch a film as it gets. Enough chatter, let's have a look at the goodies! This month we got 3 polishes and 2 nail art products.

Maggie Anne Pearl

black nail polish maggie anne pearl swatch

Let's start with the swatches. First up, a really good black polish. The formula was pigmented and really easy to work with. I have a feeling this polish would be decent for stamping, but I am yet to test it. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and no top coat.

Little Ondine Copper Spark

There was no way that a Gatsby themed box could happen without the sparkle! This glitter is primarily yellow but there is just a hint of rose gold there as well, I think. It has everything that you would expect from a glitter polish. Is it sparkly? Yes. Packed with glitter? Tick. Confusing? AF. Can someone please explain to me how can the formula be gloopy and yet the application is not difficult? How can glitter not need a top coat to smooth it out and add gloss? Anyone?!

glitter peel off little ondine copper spark swatch furious filer

Last time I tried Little Ondine glitter, I used a sponge to apply it and made a bit of a mess of it to be honest. The brand suggested that I simply apply as many layers as I need as the polish is water based and dries fast. I applied 2 layers and a few dabs here and there for a full coverage. Pretty impressive for a glitter polish however it did take a long time to touch dry. Did I mention it peels off though? Just lift one side with a hoof stick and push away until it comes off in one layer. Magic!

Color Club Midnight Mulberry

midnight mulberry color club swatch furious filer

A very nice, creamy violet. The formula was easy to work with and I applied 2 coats for full coverage. Shown here without a top coat.

Sparkly Nails Gold Caviar Beads

I am not even going to attempt to guess how many beads we have here, probably a million! They are gold, dainty and apply easily with a hoof stick. Scroll down to see how I used it in nail art.

gold caviar beads sparkly nails review furious filer

Nail Mail Art Deco Stencils

nail mail art deco stencils review furious filer

I'm never going to do a happy dance when I see stencils in the box as they are just not my thing. Having said that...have you ever seen stencils better fitting for an art deco theme?! My nails are curved so I was really surprised how well these adhered to my nails. There were 12 individual vinyls and they were long and wide enough for my nails.

Glam Nail Art

glitter tips gradent nails glam art deco furious filer

There's just something classy about glitter tips. I don't do them that often because I don't like dabbing glitter and getting it all over my hands and cuticles. As I didn't need to do that with this polish (it's PACKED with glitter), I just brushed it on. To get the faded effect I brushed it on 'backwards', from the tip of my nail towards the cuticle. I sealed the design with a layer of top coat.

glitter gradient sparkly glam black gold

Edgy..ish Nail Art

edgy nail art caviar beads glitter furious filer

I know what you're thinking, where is the bloody Art Deco nail art, right? Um, ta dah? The thing is, I looove stripes but painting stripes with glitter just ain't fun to say the least. So I was thinking more along the lines of 'edgy' and came up with this. If you are wondering whether I was going specifically for a metal plates screwed to my nails kinda look, the answer is NO, but here we are!

metal beads plates glitter electronic nails art deco

I think the goodies go perfectly with the theme, another box nailed by the MeeBox girls! My favourite has to be the glitter polish and it's being hidden away from my mother aka the glitter queen as we speak! What did you think about the box?

 Check out how these goodies compare to last year's award season box here.


  1. I watched the red carpet of the Oscars and then went to bed. Maybe I'll try and find a stream to watch of it as it looked like a good one!
    This box looks lovely & the colours are very petty. Your swatches and nail art are as faultless as ever (you're seriously the queen of nails). However I'm a little disappointed you've not seen Great gatsby, it's an amazing love story and the Leo movie is so well done - tut tut :)
    Vicky x

    1. AWh thank you Vicky!! xx I really like watching award ceremonies so I really enjoyed it. I promise to put the Great Gatsby on my to do list! ;) xx

  2. I love the glitter gradient so much!