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Hello! Long time no see, but I have a good excuse, I promise! I've added the explanation at the bottom of this post if you want to have a read. I usually try not to bore you with the antics of my personal life, but this one is, how should I put it, nail blog worthy. However, for now can we focus on the important fact which is...drumroll...spring is here! Not just according to my calendar but even when I look outside my window, it seems to be confirmed. Spring has arrived and is here to stay (#overoptimistic) so I don't know about you, but I'm whipping out my pastel shades.

I've had Delush Papa Was a Rolling Scone since Christmas and didn't get a chance to use it until a few weeks ago. The polish is really fun so I added a few funky stamps on top using Born Pretty Store plates, Bundle Monster Monocle XL stamper* and MoYou London Black Knight. The polish itself is GORGEOUS! It's a crelly and has a dusting of sparkly purple and silver glitter and a colourful selection of round pieces. Would you call them glitter too? I kinda feel like it's wrong because they are not sparkly. Any suggestions? 

delush papa was a rolling scone crelly swatch

I had to fish for a few larger pieces but what you see in the picture is pretty much all from the brush itself. I'm wearing 3 coats. The polish does dry slightly matte but then that's not unusual with glitter polishes. You just need a good plumping top coat to add shine and smooth it out. I totally love this polish...just wish the removal wasn't such a biatch! All I can say is that there was lots of soaking involved, but let's face it, it was worth it!

Now for the explanation part. So it may sound like a paradox but I actually needed time off blogging about nails ever since I became a nail technician. What's that? Yes, you heard me, after 3 years of blogging about nails (and enjoying it) I suddenly realised that getting myself into student debt by studying science in the first place perhaps wasn't the best move. Still, I can now call myself a nail tech AND I started working in the industry too! So thanks for sticking around while I was trying to figure out this new chapter in my life. I promise we're back to business as usual! xx

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  1. Congrats on your new career, where are you working now? I love this polish and am so happy it's spring! (Although Christmas would be better) xx