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Tutorial | Chrome Stamped Marble

stamper marble nail art splatter tutorial furious filer

I think it's safe to say that the marble effect in nail art isn't going anywhere. Ever thought it looks awesome but it's way too time consuming to paint? I feel you! Meet your new best friend, a stamper.



Apply a layer of base coat. I used OPI Nail Envy.


Choose you base colour. I applied 2 layers of Nails Inc Kensington High Street.


Prepare: a stamper, a piece of foil, a metallic polish, a nude polish, a liquid nail tape and a lint roller. 

Apply the liquid nail tape around your nails for easy clean up. I used Mess Free Mani. Choose a metallic and nude polish to compliment the base. I used Models Own Chrome Gold and Golden Rose 101. Apply a few drops of each polish on a piece of foil and press the stamper against it. Because the stamper is smooth and convex, the pigment in the metallic polish will separate and create holes.


Press the stamper against your nail and remove the latex barrier. The dark base will peek through the gaps, revealing the marble effect.


Clean your stamper with a lint roller and repeat the process on every nail. Apply a layer of top coat and start showing off your tips!

distressed nail art tutorial chrome metallic nails

metallic chrome macro marble nail art furious filer

I discovered the funky properties of metallic polish by accident, while I was experimenting. I love how it just disintegrates and makes the marble effect so easy to achieve! The stamper technique itself isn't in any way new, of course, but isn't it fun? I first used it a few years ago and you can check out the result here.

P.S. How long were my nails back then?! Sigh.


  1. Ahhhhh! I love it so much! So so good!

  2. I really really love it.I wonder how long it took you to do them (HINT HINT)