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Lost City MeeBox | Swatches & Nail Art

meebox lost city subscription box review furious filer

Whatever the weather outside your window may be suggesting, it is almost summer. In the world of nail art this means a shift to brighter colours and fun patterns. And MeeBox has got you covered.

Caution: This post involves orange and I like it. God knows what's waiting for you past the jump. You've been warned!

For whatever reason, when the Lost City theme was announced I panicked as I was convinced this box was strictly to do with Indiana Jones films. I think we can safely say it has become a tradition that if there is a box inspired by a film, I almost definitely haven't seen it. Even if it's been on Freeview for like, a 100 years. And just to be clear, Indiana Jones would be one of them.

But it looks like I got away with this one! This month, UK's only nail subscription box has a festival vibe and includes 3 polishes, a set of water decals and a pack of nail polish remover sheets. 

Cuccio Pier Pressure*

cuccio pier pressure swatch nude furious filer

If you read my blog then you know that this is actually my favourite nude. It's so flattering on my skin tone and I just love the slightly pinky-peachy hue. Here I am wearing 2 thicker coats and a layer of top coat. I used it as my base for some funky design in this post but if you're more into delicate stuff, check how I incorporated it into a subtle metallic nail art.

Annika Blue Lagoon*

annika blue lagoon turquoise swatch edge nails furious filer

I do love the Annika range so I was so excited to see this beautiful turquoise in the box. The formula is really smooth and easy to work with and it's almost a one coater. In the picture I am wearing 2 coats and a top coat. To find out more about this range by Edge Nails have a look at my review from a few months back. 

A little word of advice: always use a base coat and moisturise your cuticles and skin around your nails prior to removing this particular shade as it tends to discolour any dry bits you may have.

Ruby Wing Hello Sailor*

I was soooo baffled by this polish! It's a gold and pink glitter suspended in an orange jelly. So far so good (well, as good as orange anything can be;). As the polish is sheer I applied 2 layers over the nude Cuccio* which made it a subtle peachy shade. 

ruby wing hello sailor solar colour changing polish

The confusion started once I read that this was 'a colour changing polish'. Great! It's a thermal! So off I went to test it under the hot and cold tap and NOTHING HAPPENED. As I was walking to work the next day my boyfriend questioned why I was wearing an orange polish since I hate that colour. I was about to give him a lecture on the difference between peach and orange (and roll my eyes), when I discovered that my nails were in fact a strong, blood orange.

ruby wing hello sailor furious filer sunlight colour change

It turned out that the only sunny day in England revealed how this polish works. It reacts to sunlight! Now that is one cool effect. I've had a quick research and although the system has been around for a few years, there are only a few companies that offer this kind of polish. Thank you, MeeBox for this little gem, even if it is orange!

NCLA Take It Off  Remover Sheets*

This month we were treated to a nail polish remover with a twist. The box of NCLA treatment contained 10 individually wrapped remover sheets which makes them perfect for those of us on the go. They are soy based (perfect if you're allergic to acetone) and are supposed to help nourish your nails as well you know, actually do the job.

ncla soy alternative nail remover sheets furious filer

There was no 'chemical' smell you would usually associate with this kind of product and it left a greasy residue on my nails. Have you ever felt like your nails were dry and 'chalky' even when you use an acetone free remover? I know I did. I have to say, even though I washed my hands after use to remove the greasy coating, my nails still felt moisturised. In terms of performance, taking into account that I had a tonne of polish on my nails (base/polish/design/top coat), the sheet worked pretty well.

House of Wonderland Water Decals*

house of wonderland water decals meebox review

MeeBox has collaborated with the House of Wonderland to bring us exclusive water decals to fit the Lost City theme. The sheet is full of black designs inspired by different cultures. If you're going to a festival this summer then your mani is pretty much sorted with these. And I'm jealous AF.

Lost City Nail Art

Let me explain. I was trying to be clever and incorporate my own patterns with the water decals. I was going for some kind of festival design but it turned out to be more of an art deco look circa 3 000 years BC. Still, it was really cool to see how the turquoise popped against the rich orange every time my hand was in the sunlight. Holding on to the positives here!

festival summer bright turquoise nail art tribal furious filer

What did you think of the MeeBox this month? What was your fave product? Mine was actually the colour changing polish, despite the fact it was orange. Not that I'll get any use out of it. My mum aka 'oh, but it will go so well with my tan' has sneaked it into her stash while not-so-subtly pointing out that we are pretty much on the opposite spectrum of tan. Lovely.

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*Products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Amazing review as always (I wish you blogged more as I love reading them) & love the nail art you created, even if it wasn't what you were aiming for.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you, Vicky! My lappy broke and I've been using my bf's computer which slows everything down:( I promise to sort my schedule out though! xx

  2. Can I ask a question? Did you use top coat with the Ruby Wing polish? Reason I ask is because I did and it prevented it from changing colour! I was so annoyed I had to redo my whole mani, it's such a gorgeous colour in the sun too

    1. No way, did it really? I tried both, with and without and the colour changed both times. What top coat did you use? I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl. I also found that it had to be really sunny, it only changed a bit for me when it was cloudy. I hope this helps Emmie! xx

    2. Oh how strange, I was totally gutted 😕 I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I did think maybe it was the topcoat, so maybe I should try another one. And it was a super sunny day so I know it wasn't that, I could see where I had badly applied the topcoat as round the edges went orange just not the middle of the nail 🤣🤣

  3. Hehe totally seconding what Vicky said, love reading your reviews Marta & of course gazing in adoration at your stunning photos! So gutted I missed you at the MeeBox event, I was there the weekend before! But the lovely Meebox captured my hello via Instagram Stories ;)
    Oooh I have a Ruby Wing polish tucked away in my stash somewhere, I need to go hunt it down & have a play!

    Love Aysh xox

  4. Hi, Aysh, thank you so much! Awh I know, I was so excited to meet you in person! Next time:) xx