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Winter Nail Art

MeeBox Femme Fatale Review + Unistella Inspired Nail Art

meebox femme fatale review furious filer ncla

Slick colours, bad ass theme and products from a celebrity endorsed brand? It must be MeeBox!

Tutorial | Nail the Matte Look featuring Swarovski Crystals

matte autumn nails swarovski crystals stones furious filer

I can't help but reach for a matte top coat as soon as the weather turns a bit autumny. In the UK that started around June this year but hey, at least I had lots of time to practice! If you ever struggled to nail the matte look, I've put together a few tips to help you.

MeeBox 2nd Birthday: Born This Way Review

flatlay meebox birthday brand ambassador furious filer

Someone explain to be how is MeeBox 2 years old already?! Time sure is flying when you're having fun. But if you think the UK's only nail subscription box is just about fun, think again. With a 'Born This Way' theme, MeeBox gals encourage you to spead the nail love and promote girl power. All Lady Gaga-style.

Nail Artist in Residence: Drag Marble Featuring Little Ondine

furious filer nail artist in residence little ondine

Have your ever looked at a nail art tutorial and thought, yep, this is easy, I can do this with my eyes shut! You give it a go, confident and all, only to discover that the hot mess you've created does in fact look as if your eyes were screwed tight the whole time. Sound familiar? This is pretty much how every drag marble nail art used to end up for me until I discovered Little Ondine.

Turquoise Spray Water Marble

spray water marble nail art furious filer turquoise

In the history of this blog I have done a few stone inspired designs but I was missing the popular turquoise to add to my collection. Until now. 

MeeBox Birds Of Paradise Review

If you're a fan of stamping and sparkle (who isn't?!) you are going to love the latest MeeBox edit. The Birds of Paradise box is going to transform your nails into something straight out of the tropics so you can forget how crap the British summer actually is. 

Summer Nail Art: Glitter + Negative Space

negative space trend glitter turquoise furious filer

I have never been this excited about glitter in my entire life! A few months ago, I attended the Beauty UK show where I got myself this snazzy looking Annika Glitter. Best decision ever! Today I paired it up with a negative space and a bright colour for a winning summer combo.

Encapsulated Shattered Glass Nails

shattered glass cellophane holographic furious filer nail art

Shattered glass nails have possibly been the most popular trend in nail art in recent years and it's fair to say, they aren't going anywhere. Today I want to show you my 'encapsulated' version of this hot look with extra sparkle because, ya know, holo paper ain't sparkly enough!

Ibiza Mee Meebox | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

ibiza mee meebox subscription box review furious filer

Word on the street is that Ibiza is the ultimate party place. I mean, let's face it, what comes to your mind when you think Ibiza? Rave? Totally. Beach? Hell yeah! Vengaboys? No? Just me then. Well, now you can add MeeBox to that list because this month's edit it's all about the land of neon, Ibiza.

Lost City MeeBox | Swatches & Nail Art

meebox lost city subscription box review furious filer

Whatever the weather outside your window may be suggesting, it is almost summer. In the world of nail art this means a shift to brighter colours and fun patterns. And MeeBox has got you covered.

Caution: This post involves orange and I like it. God knows what's waiting for you past the jump. You've been warned!