Winter Gradient With Cirque Idyllic + Storm King

winter gradient metallic sweater nail art furious filer

Let's talk snow. We haven't had any for the past 2-3 years so I got the shock of my life last week as I woke up to the first snow this winter. While I was too excited thinking if I should get my sledge out or build a snowman, the entire country was brought to a standstill. Did I mention it laid for about 2 hours? Yep, an inch of snow can do that in the UK! So no snowman for me but I suddenly realised that I totally forgot to show you my winter nail art that I did a while ago. Let's have a look!

sweater stamp creative shop 36 winter holidays christmas

macro metallic gradient sweater nails cirque idyllic storm king


Cirque 'Storm King'
MoYou London White Knight stamping polish
Creative Stamper 36 plate 

It's safe to say that I am totally obsessed with Idyllic by Cirque. In fact, their entire Holiday Collection is amazing. You can check it out here. I loved wearing this design, it's so 'wintry'. Do you have snow in your part of the world? I am probably the only person in the country who hopes the snow will come pack at some point! 

See you soon! Xx

MeeBox No Place Like Home | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox nail subscription box review furious filer moyou

Happy New Year! Did you all have a good night? I'm pretty sure my neighbours spent a year's worth of wages on fireworks so I had a pretty amazing view. Now that you have (hopefully) cured your hangover, let's talk about some unfinished business from 2016, the December Meebox review! This time the goodies in the box were inspired by the Wizard of Oz and we got 7 products as opposed to the usual 5, just in time for Christmas! I think I need to confess something before I start with the review....I might be the only person on the planet who hasn't in fact watched the Wizard of Oz. I kinda get the idea now (thank you, Wikipedia!) but surprisingly, googling the Wizard of Aus didn't get me anywhere. Yep, I know, clueless! Now that that's off my chest, let's have a look at the box's contents.

Leighton Denny Jailbird*

An absolutely stunning turquoise with an oil sleek finish. I was somehow expecting it to be sheer but it was almost a one coater. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat. The formula was a little tricky but the picture exaggerates the streaks because of the super intense brightness in my light box.

leighton Denny jailbird swatch turquoise furious filer

Zoya Goldie*

A yellow gold shade that is slightly on the sheer side. The finish is similar to Jailbird's* but a with a lot more shimmer to it. In the picture I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.

zoya goldie swatch yellow gold furious filer

Kure Bazaar Pigalle*

This is the first time I came across Kure Bazaar and I have to say, I'm very happy to see a glitter polish in the box as I don't own many. This red glitter consists of small and bigger round pieces suspended in a very delicate red jelly. The glitter distribution was very even but I sponged it on for a full coverage. I applied 2 layers of top coat for a smooth finish. Tap the red shoes and you can go home, right?! Yeah, back to Australia, I mean, Kansas.

kure bazaar pigalle swatch red glitter furious filer

NCLA Gingham Wraps* 

I must say, me and wraps don't *really* get on. I can't help it, my nails are just too curved! Having said that, I tested these out on one of my nails and there was only one small bump right at the tip where my nails curve the most. They were super easy to use and I am no expert in any way when it comes to wraps so it's saying something. They also come with a small file to get rid of the excess product. The gingham pattern is adorable and don't take my word for it but *I think* it's supposed to represent...the girl's dress? What's her face, um, Dorothy! Oh, this is not going very well. Bad, BAD Ambassador!

ncla blue gingham nail wraps review furious filer

'Ard as Nails Cuticle Oil*

My nails took a battering this winter and I have been oiling like crazy trying to salvage the situation. As you can imagine, a cuticle oil in the box was music to my ears! I really like the packaging and the lip gloss applicator. It's so much easier to keep it in your bag without spilling. I find the oil to be slightly more 'dry' than some other ones I've tried but it makes it perfect to use on the go because it doesn't leave your hands greasy. I can't quite figure out what the scent is, but it's kinda sweet and reminds me of candy.

ard as nails soap dodger cuticle oil review furious filer

MoYou London Fairytale 12 Plate*, Stamper* and Scraper*

This plate has, according to my very limited knowledge, everything you need to create a perfect Wizard of Oz mani! It has the Emerald City, all the main characters and even the flying monkey. Bet you didn't expect me to know that last one, did you! It is right though....right? <nervous laugh> On a serious note, MoYou London are my absolute favourite stamping plates. The stamps transfer well and I love the patterns and themes they come up with. It's so awesome to see MeeBox teaming up with such an amazing brand! The stamper is soft but not marshmallowy so it doesn't 'spread' and distort the image when stamping. The scraper is actually my favourite of all time. I lost one of these a while ago and I have to say, none have really come close to this one. It's amazing! I love the 'handle' as I always know where to pick it up without leaving polish all over my hands. This seriously usually drives me up the wall!

moyou london fairytale 12 plate wizard of oz furious filer

Gradient Nail Art 

Time for nail art! I feel like I haven't done any gradients in a while so I combined the two shades and topped it off with a bit of stamping. I am soooo in love this design!

gradient nail art stamping turquoise green yellow furious filer

gradient nail stamping moyou faitytale 12 close up furious filer

What did you think about the box? I thought it was amazing, not to mention the girls have really treated us this time with box of goodies worth £65! Btw, if you haven't heard of Meebox (seriously?!) it's a subscription box for all of us that love nails. Every month a box is delivered to you with 5 nail products; 3 nail polishes and 2 nail accessories. All the goodies correspond with a theme which have been pretty awesome so far! Check out my previous reviews for more info:

Sugar Skulls Meebox

Pumpkin Spice Meebox

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*The products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Grown Up Christmas Nails

I am fully aware that Christmas is a time to go OTT with literally everything. Christmas jumpers, PJs, hats, decorations, fairy lights, the whole lot. Nails definitely fall into that category but sometimes it's nice to switch things up a bit and go for something a little subtle. Today I want to show you my 'grown up' version of a Christmas manicure that won't blind you with glitter but will still (hopefully) get you in the festive spirit.

grown up christmas nails holly water decals furious filer

I started with my 2 base colours, OPI It's in the Cloud (swatched here) and Cuccio Prince I've Been Gone* featured in the Boho themed Meebox*. I then used the same green polish to apply 3 strokes in 3 different directions and added a red dot in the middle. Do wait for your polish to dry completely before you do this step as you could smudge your base colour that way. 

holly bush nails macro water decal furious filer

I then chose a silver holly outline from Sparkly Nails Santa Sparkles water decals* and applied it directly onto the top of my doodle on both of my nails. The decals come with instructions at the back but I have to say they were very easy to apply. Actually, now that I think about it, they didn't shrink or dissolve under my usual top coat which happens to me all the time! You can check out the full extent of the designs on this sheet and purchase the water decals here.

christmas festive subtle manicure ideas water decals

So how do you feel about the design? Yay or nay? I think it's refreshing to go for something delicate every once in a while. Perhaps just once though. Who am I kidding, I love Christmas! I'll see you later with more festive designs. 

*Some of the products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Cirque 2016 Holiday Collection

Well, this is just simply not on. It's about a week until Christmas and this is my first Christmas post! It's my favourite time of the year and believe me when I say that I crammed just about as many candles, Christmas trees, wreaths, fairy lights, baubles and festive cushions as I could into my one bed flat. Unfortunately, with a relatively new job, college, breaking my laptop AND iPad and now the news that my parents are coming for Christmas (cue mad cleaning spells), blogging just had to take a step back. But not to worry, I still have a few days left to show you all the festive designs I've been doing meanwhile.

christmas cirque collection review furious filer flakes metallic

Let's start with the absolutely stunning 4 piece collection* from Cirque. We have holo, metallic and flakies so pretty much every kind of sparkle you need this time of the year. My absolute favourite has to be Idyllic*. It's an ice cold blue shade made out of blue and silver flakes so it has that cool 'rough' metallic look. I call it the chocolate wrapper effect. It is stunning! It sometimes reflects purple as well and it's just perfect for a winter themed manicure. I think you could get away with 2 thicker coats but I am wearing 3 coats and a top coat. 


cirque idyllic swatch blue metallic christmas nails furious filer

cirque 2016 holiday collection chrome metallic micro flakes

cirque idyllic macro swatch blue metallic furious filer

I kind of underestimated this next beautiful wine shade if I'm honest. I just thought it was going to be your typical Christmas red with a bit of sparkle...until I put it on my nails. Wow, there is a serious amount of holo packed into this polish and the formula is fantastic. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.  


cirque ambrosia swatch furious filer christmas nails

cirque ambrosia swatch macro holographic christmas nails

If you are into your nails then you must by now know that Halcyon* is one of Cirque's most iconic polishes. Metallics are still so popular and if like me you love rose gold then trust me, you need this one. The formula and finish were exactly like Idyllic* but this time I applied 2 thicker coats + a top coat and it seemed to do the trick! 


halcyon swatch cirque furious filer gold rose metallic

cirque rose gold metallic micro flakes christmas nails

cirque halcyon macro furious filer swatch rose gold metallic

I LOVE the fact that Cirque went for a mint green as opposed to a forest green for their Christmas Collection. It's so refreshing to see and it still fits beautifully with the theme because you need glasses for the amount of sparkle coming your way. Winter Bloom* has a tonne of flakes suspended in a pale green jelly and it has a slightly blue/purple reflection. I am wearing it on its own so as you can see, it builds up well. I applied 3 coats but you really, you can get away with 2. I sealed the polish with a layer of top coat.


cirque winter bloom swatch furious filer flakes mint

cirque winter bloom mint flakes christmas party nails

cirque holiday collection 2016 winter bloom macro furious filer

All the shades above retail at $13 and can be purchased directly from Cirque or via international stockists. What did you think about the collection? Do you have a favourite? I have to say, I'm not a blue kinda gal but somehow, I am drawn to Idyllic*. Stay tuned for festive nail art featuring this polish next week!

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*Products featuring in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

All That Glitters MeeBox: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

The season of sparkle is upon us which means that for the next few weeks no amount of glitter is too much glitter...and the MeeBox girls know it! I don't know what I was expecting from the latest 'All That Glitters' box but, silly enough, I wasn't expecting THAT much sparkle. We have holo polish, glass paper, loose glitter, glitter polish....basically, every form of glitter and sparkle crammed into one box. This one is definitely getting stored away from my mother or I'll never see it again!

Meebox ambassador all That Glitters review furious filer

If you don't know what MeeBox is then please get your life priorities in order! By now everyone who loves nails should know that MeeBox is the coolest nail subscription box on the block. Each box contains at least 5 items, 3 nail polishes and some extras such as stamping plates, stampers, nail art brushes etc. Every month has a theme and corresponding goodies. The December theme is 'No Place Like Home' so if you want to get your hands on that one subscribe at before it's too late! Now let's have a look at the goodies!

A England 'Crown of Thistles'* RRP £11

A England crown of thistles furious filer swatch

You simply can't go wrong with A England which is why my stash is getting *slightly* out of hand. I have to admit that a slight panic sets in every time this brand features in the box. My head is just going: please don't have this one, please don't have this one! This stunning warm violet shade was opaque in one coat and I added a layer of top coat to bring out the sparkle. I'm so happy to say that I didn't own this one. And so the stash grows...

Floss Gloss 'Dimepiece'* RRP £7.50

Floss gloss dimepiece glitter swatch furious filer

Someone pass me the sunglasses! This one is a real show stopper and it's my favourite kind of glitter. It reflects just about every colour and there is just something festive about it ( shh, it's December, I'm allowed). I applied one layer and then sponged the rest until I achieved full opacity. I added a top coat but as the glitter is quite thirsty and gritty, you might need another layer to smooth it out. I actually like the gritty effect as it adds to the diamond feel for me.

Floss gloss macro dimepiece furious filer glitter

Little Ondine 'Rumba'* RRP £11

 Little ondine swatch glitter bar hexagons furious filer

This was my first experience with this brand although I've heard about it before. I have to say, glitter peel off polish could possibly be the best idea ever. I tested this polish on a clear nail and within a minute the polish was dry and it could be peeled off with ease. I'm not sure what the longevity of that kind of polish would be on your nails but that's one of the downsides of blogging, you don't get to keep your polish on for very long! 

Little ondine swatch rumba peel off glitter nail polish

To build it up I attempted to sponge the polish on until I realised the I've run out of makeup sponges. Don't even get me started on bath sponges, they are the worst! How did I ever use it for gradients and such?! Madness. Anyway a bath sponge created one gloopy mess so I settled for one coat over a white base just to show you the different types of glitter you're getting in the polish. There are round pieces, large hexagons and quite a few bars. Little Odine is 7 FREE, toxin free and made from natural ingredients, all of which are important to the MeeBox gals. The polish comes with instructions on how to apply it and how to get the most wear out if it.

NAIO Glitter Pot* RRP £1.10

NAIO glitter pot aqua cracked ice Mylar review

This little pot is full of turquoise blue crushed glitter and I already have a vision of Frozen inspired designs! I actually just looked at the name and it's called Aqua Cracked Ice Mylar. What did I tell you?! I have to admit, I'm not much of a loose powder/glitter kinda gal. I love the look, don't get me wrong, but I find it a bit fiddly. Still, it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, which is one of the reasons I love MeeBox. I *think* I need a bit more practice with this one though because I wouldn't be seen dead in what I created so far!

MeeBox Holo Paper* RRP £2

Meebox subscription box Holo paper review furious filer

Glass nails are still very much a thing in the nail art world so I was so happy to see a glass paper in the box. It's a MeeBox own glass paper and it's primarily light pink but shifts to green and purple. It was thin but not thin enough to be fiddly. I applied it to my nails without the corners sticking out and it didn't go all curved and weird once I applied my top coat either. Thumbs up!

For my nail art I used the glass paper* over the super sparkly 'Crown of Thistles'*. I cut the tiny shapes with a pair of nippers and arranged them down the middle of my nails. I added two lines on the sides using Wah Nails Black Nail Art Pen* that featured in the October box.

Glass nails trend paper holographic furious filer violet

Glass nails holographic furious filer macro nail art

I LOVE this design so much! What do you think about it and the November edit? Are you a fan of glitter?

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*products were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

A England Tennyson's Romance Review

a england tennyson's romance review swatches furious filer

For the past 2 weeks, I've been in full swatching mode and I'm finally ready to show you a new collection from A England called Tennyson's Romance. It features 5 beautiful holographic shades and I compared some of them with polishes from previous A England's collections. Let's have a look!


a england shall be my queen swatch furious filer

swatch a england tennyson's romance furiousfiler macro holographic

swatch red holographic nail polish furious filer a england

My favourite from the entire collection! At first, I thought it was a red, but when I compared it with A England's Rose Bower* and Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty* I could tell it was more of a raspberry shade. The formula is lush and in the picture I'm wearing one coat + top coat. ONE COAT.

a england holographic comparison tennyson's romance red


kind cophetua swatch black holographic furious filer

black holographic nail polish a england sparkle party

macro holographic nail polish swatch king cophetua

I would describe this shade as a charcoal black. It's has a variety of holo although it's primarily blue and grey. Another amazing one-coater with a layer of top coat to bring out the sparkle.


nail polish a england holographic the beggar maid

the beggar maid swatch a england furious filer

A grey-green with a bronze reflection, now that's an unusual shade! Another one coater with an amazing formula. Shown here with a top coat. In terms of colour, it is similar to Katyusha* (swatched here). It has the same metallic feel but it's a bit darker.

a england nail polish holographic comaprison tennyson's romance


in crown and robes swatch a england furious filer

tennyson's romance swatch review a england burgundy holographic

A beautiful deep burgundy with an entire holographic spectrum. It's yet ANOTHER one-coater with a layer of top coat to bring out the sparkle.


a england swatch tennyson's romance angel grace furious filer

angel grace swatch violet holographic nail polish review

a england angel grace macro holographic sparkle close up

Now this is one stunning polish! It's a warm shade of violet and it could very much be the most holographic polish I've ever owned. It's a little bit more sheer compared to the rest of the collection but it's still fully opaque in 2 coats. Swatched here with a layer of top coat.

I absolutely love this collection but then I am a huge fan of A England in general. If you are familiar with this brand then you know that Adina takes her inspiration from history. Her creations have a medieval, regal and sometimes gothic feel to them and they are all fab! All the shades from this collection were inspired by 'The Beggar Maid' poem by Tennyson and a corresponding painting of Burne-Jones, 'King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid'. They tell a story of a king that fell in love with a maid and married her. Didn't I say it was going to be regal?!

What's do you think about this collection? xx