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Ibiza Mee Meebox | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

ibiza mee meebox subscription box review furious filer

Word on the street is that Ibiza is the ultimate party place. I mean, let's face it, what comes to your mind when you think Ibiza? Rave? Totally. Beach? Hell yeah! Vengaboys? No? Just me then. Well, now you can add MeeBox to that list because this month's edit it's all about the land of neon, Ibiza.

MeeBox is the only nail subscription box in the UK that gives you all the tools on a monthly basis to keep your nails fly. Ibiza Mee edit has brought the party to you in a form of blinding neons, palm tree nail wraps and rave-like stripes.

Models Own Beach Hut*

models own beach hut neon swatch furious filer

Right, let's get this orange out of the way. Only kidding! Beach Hut* is part of the Polish for Tans range which, in my opinion, is the best neon range on the high street. Juicy, bright colours and no need for a white base, what's not to like? The best way I can describe the shade is carrot. The formula was super easy to work with. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.

zoya mirajane swatch neon blue furious filer

I wish I could do this colour justice. It's a bit more purple in real life, kinda like ink. The formula was sheer but not quite jelly-sheer. The first coat was a bit tricky but the next 2 covered all the imperfections nicely. The finish was slightly matte so I applied a layer of top coat. I tested it over a white base too (2 coats this time) and the colour does pop a lot more.

Nail Inc Claridge Gardens* + Neon Activator*

nails inc claridge gardens pink neon furious filer

This polish is so bright it makes my eyes go funny. I currently have it on my toes and I swear, every time I look down on my feet I'm like, JESUS! Definitely not a shade to blend in! The polish itself if quite sheer and it's meant to go over a white Nails Inc Neon Activator which was included in the box. Here I'm wearing 2 coats over the white base (1 thicker coat).

IZ Beauty of London Mixed Colour Striping Nail Decals*

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that stripes are my favourite nail look. This set of stickers comes in different thicknesses AND 3 different colours! They are easy to use and stick well (just give your polish time to dry properly first). They are too frail to use as striping tape IMO but are perfect for getting that straight line in no time without the striping brush.

ncla nail wraps end of summer meebox stickers

NCLA Petite End of Summer Nail Wraps*

Do I love the look of nail wraps? Totally. The designs you can put on your nails these days by simply sticking a wrap on! Do I love using nails wraps? Not so much. You see, when your nails are as curved as mine it's pretty much impossible to apply a wrap without making it go all wrinkly at the free edge. Am I going to let that stop me from using them? Nope! I just have to be a bit more resourceful about it. 

These wraps are so fun and work so well with the Ibiza theme. They stick well and I love the perfectly chiselled cuticle lines. I may not be able to rock the full set like the rest of you but who's going to stop me from doing a little half and half design?

Half-and-Half Nail Art

ncla nail wrap tropical nail design metallic

Tadaah! This design was so easy. Once your base polish is dry, cut a wrap in half, stick it on, cover the border with a metallic stripe and you're done! Don't forget to top coat, of course.

Neon Water Marble Nail Art

water marble nail art neon furious filer

Now for something a little more out there. I don't think I've done a proper water marble design since the 31 Day Challenge, which is simply not on! I was hoping for a more pink, less orange kinda look but I still absolutely love the end result. 

water marble neon tutorial meebox summer nail art

I used all 3 shades from the Ibiza Mee box over the white Nails Inc Neon Activator. I actually did a full set for once and I got so many compliments on these. Someone on the tube asked me the other day if they were hand painted. Girl, nobody got time for that! You can find a quick tutorial on how I do water marble on my YouTube channel. 

summer neon water marble nail art meebox

And that's it peeps! What did you think of the box and my designs? MeeBox has just dropped the next theme, 'Birds of Paradise' so if you are into your tropical manis this is the one for you! 

P.S. Please tell me you know who Vengaboys are?! #boomboomboomboom

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  1. I can't stop singing the Vengaboys now haha! Definitely one of my favourite albums when it came out! Loving your nail art this month x

  2. Love this box and your manis! That watermarble is gorgeous. I def know who the vengaboys are and if I was promised that Ibiza would have them, I'd be there!
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, I think they are back in the charts! xx

  3. Thank you so much! How exciting, congrats on starting a blog! You'll love it! xx