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Summer Nail Art: Glitter + Negative Space

negative space trend glitter turquoise furious filer

I have never been this excited about glitter in my entire life! A few months ago, I attended the Beauty UK show where I got myself this snazzy looking Annika Glitter. Best decision ever! Today I paired it up with a negative space and a bright colour for a winning summer combo.

I've created this look as a part of my mani swap on my Instagram with By Love Bird. I often post quick manis on my social media rather then on my blog so if you don't follow me yet, you are missing out. Just sayin'.

I love negative space as much as the next girl but I am a bit funny when it comes to showing my free edge. I don't know why! Still, I decided to try something different and went for it...with a french nude base;) Baby steps. 

I free handed everything because if you think I have the patience for the stencils I invite you to take a second look at the name of this blog.


French base: Orly Sheer Peche

negative space glitter summer half moon nail art

negative space geometric edgy glitter nail art

I am actually obsessed with this glitter. It's a little unusual in the sense that the sparkle is kinda pastel and almost muted. I love the round pieces too and the distribution was really good. Two coats, no dabbing.

This has been my favourite mani in a very long time and I promise you this glitter will make an appearance again before the summer is over. What do you think about this design?

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  1. I really really like this... Just something about it makes you look again. And again...