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Encapsulated Shattered Glass Nails

shattered glass cellophane holographic furious filer nail art

Shattered glass nails have possibly been the most popular trend in nail art in recent years and it's fair to say, they aren't going anywhere. Today I want to show you my 'encapsulated' version of this hot look with extra sparkle because, ya know, holo paper ain't sparkly enough!


Believe it or not, this design was supposed to be a simple minimalistic negative space look. Well, that escalated quickly! I created an empty circle in the middle of each nail and made each circle nice and round with a little help of a clean up brush. As my base colour I chose Cirque One-Night Stand*I'm afraid it might be the first and last appearance of this stunning polish though. You see, at first, I used a striping brush to create the circle...until the tip ended up casually falling into the bottle! I'm not sure if the polish has gone all dry or gloopy inside, but I put the lid back on and it's now waiting on the shelf until I'm ready to face the truth.


Although I loved how the design looked at this point, I couldn't help feeling it just needed something extra. I spiced it up by adding a splash of Cirque We Trippy* holographic top coat, making sure I stayed within the lines.


Was that enough for me? Of course not. I went ahead and added cellophane/holographic/glass/whatever frikkin' name paper* chunks to my negative space circle. The shift from blue to green is amazing. These pictures were done in the natural light and look how vibrant that paper is. It almost glows!

glass paper holographic cellophane geometric negattive space

glass paper nail art geometric negative space futuristic

furious filer cirque one night stand holographic nail art

Want to get creative with holo paper? I don't blame you! Check out my design featuring pink holographic paper to get some ideas going. See you soon!


  1. These are gorgeous and when I first saw them, they looked like moons. I love the added holo under the paper, a stunning combo.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you Vicky, the more sparkle the better! xx