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MeeBox Birds Of Paradise Review

If you're a fan of stamping and sparkle (who isn't?!) you are going to love the latest MeeBox edit. The Birds of Paradise box is going to transform your nails into something straight out of the tropics so you can forget how crap the British summer actually is. 

MeeBox is the only UK nail subscription box that delivers to your doorstep every month. All the products inside correspond with a theme that's revealed in advance and sometimes you even get a sneak peek! Every box is filled with 3 nail polishes and 2 nail or nail art related products. Let's have a look at what's inside!

A England Rose Bower*

Rose Bower* is a beautiful holographic raspberry red. I still get surprised when a polish is fully opaque in one coat but when it comes to A England I should really be used to it by now!

Wikkid Polish Aurora*

There is so much going on with Aurora* that I don't even know where to start! In direct sunlight it's a holographic glitter suspended in clear polish that's opaque in 2 coats. No dabbing. Hold on, because it doesn't end there. Away from the sunlight, it's also shifts colour from green to violet to pink to gold to every frikkin' colour on the planet. It has a cool bitty-but-smooth finish. Basically, it's a good choice if you can deal with everybody at work/train/coffee shop asking what you're wearing. I know, the struggle is real.

Moyou London After the Storm*

After the Storm* is opaque in one coat as you would expect from every stamping polish. It's a nice cold off white/grey and as you can probably guess, stamps perfectly. 

Moyou London stamping kit*

A perfect plate* to go with Birds of  Paradise theme, a stamper*, scraper* AND the polish* above, MeeBox ladies are spoiling us!

The plate consists of 18 perfectly etched designs all to do with birds, feathers, tropics and hot weather you can only dream of during the British 'summer'. My favourite one is the toucan image and I have some plans for it later down the line. Watch this space!

The stamper is one of Moyou's smaller round ones and it fits one image perfectly. The set is just a fraction too small for my nails but, whether it comes to nails or a pair of jeans, that has never stopped me before. 

Leighton Denny Precision Corrector*

I admit, I had mixed feelings about this product as I thought it's just a fancy replacement for your acetone and clean up brush combo. Then I used it. 

It's a pot of solution with a small pointy brush. I'm not sure what makes this product work but it's kinda awesome. The solution itself is oily. As you dip the brush and swipe it around your cuticles, you remove any excess polish/mistakes but your cuticles and skin don't end up looking dehydrated. It's also handy for travel as it's small and has a safety cork underneath the screw on cap. 

Feather Accent Nail Design

I haven't done a homemade decal in forever and I have a bit of a thing for feathers so I decided to combine the two and this is what I ended up with. The stamp, as I mentioned before, was a bit small so I made two decals and applied one under the other.

Delicate Half Moon 

I think it would be a crime not to show off the beautiful Aurora* in all its glory so this time I went for delicate half moon accents. I used the peacock's head stamp upside down for this design. Not necessarily what would spring to mind at the first glance but I love thinking outside the box when it comes to nail art!

What did you think about the box and my designs? MeeBox celebrates their second birthday in August with an epic theme, Born This Way inspired by Lady Gaga. To secure your box of awesomeness, visit their website to sign up before it's sold out!

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