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Turquoise Spray Water Marble

spray water marble nail art furious filer turquoise

In the history of this blog I have done a few stone inspired designs but I was missing the popular turquoise to add to my collection. Until now. 
There are a few ways of creating this kind of look such as simply free handing it. When I say 'simply'...not for the impatient ones! I mean, seriously, can you think of anything more annoying than having to hand paint this look?! 

To spare my nerves I opted for a water marble, or specifically, spray water marble. The process is exactly the same except you spray your swirls with acetone before you dip your fingers in. This little step allows the polish to disintegrate and form the washed out, 'bitty' look you're after. A lot of people have mixed feelings about water marble but personally, I love it! I can do it easily on my non dominant hand and I can do multiple fingers in one go so it saves me time. And let's not forget, it looks fun!

stone jewellery inspired nail art turquoise

In the picture:

My hand:p

If you're into the stone look or need some inspo, have a look at the designs below. Oldies but goodies. Xx

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  1. Great design! Personally, I love turquoises and I think they're so elegant to wear!