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MeeBox 2nd Birthday: Born This Way Review

flatlay meebox birthday brand ambassador furious filer

Someone explain to be how is MeeBox 2 years old already?! Time sure is flying when you're having fun. But if you think the UK's only nail subscription box is just about fun, think again. With a 'Born This Way' theme, MeeBox gals encourage you to spead the nail love and promote girl power. All Lady Gaga-style.

The nail community is pretty amazing and inspiring and I for one, am so happy to be a part of it. So let's all inspire each other to produce the sickest nail art with the contents of the Born This Way box, how about that! Ok, let's dive into the review before we all get uncomfortably soppy, shall we?

True Brit Etiquette*

true brit etiquette pearl unicorn polish furious filer

I've tried a few polishes from True Brit before (check out this gorgeous green) but Etiquette* blows my mind. I'm not particularly into the pearly look on its own but this one has a pink and purple reflection! Very unicorn-like. Here I'm wearing 3 coats. 

'Ard As Nails I Love You Hunny Bunny*

'ard as nails I love you hunny bunny

An ink purple holo with a perfect formula. Let's face it, it's exactly what you would expect from 'Ard As Nails. 2 coats and a top coat to bring out the sparkle. 

Color Club Pure Energy*

color club pure energy turquoise swatch furious filer

A very striking blue from Color Club. It did need 3 coats but the formula was really nice and I love how vibrant the colour is.

MeeBox The Great Escape Nail Polish Remover* 

The MeeBox own nail polish remover featured in a Boho themed box last year and the girls decided to bring it back after the product scored rave reviews. If you want to read through an extensive review have a look at this post. In a nutshell, it removed the polish easily, made my nails smell sweet and didn't leave me with that annoying powdery feel. 

 House of Wonderland Born This Way Water Decals* 

If there were ever water decals that had Lady Gaga's name written all over, this is it. Unicorns, skulls, triangles, the whole lot! And let's not forget, these are exclusive to MeeBox so you can channel your inner monster. They were easy to use but don't leave them in water longer then a minute, as they tend to become very delicate and may rip during application. 

Eye Nail Art 

gradient blue evil eye water decals furious filer

As soon as I saw the colours in the box I knew the only way was gradient. I started with my Mess Free Mani liquid tape and went ahead with my gradient once it was dry. I added the eye element as my half moon and sealed everything with a BASE COAT first (to avoid dissolving the decal) and then a top coat.

gradient nail art evil eye meebox lady gaga

So to summarise, cool theme? Check. Matching goodies? Yep. Bargain? We got £35 worth of products for 20 quid, if that's not a bargain, I don't know what is?! 

What did you think of the box and my design?

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PS. Did you see the September theme? It's Bollywood Nights! You can secure your box by subscribing here.

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