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Nail Artist in Residence: Drag Marble Featuring Little Ondine

furious filer nail artist in residence little ondine

Have your ever looked at a nail art tutorial and thought, yep, this is easy, I can do this with my eyes shut! You give it a go, confident and all, only to discover that the hot mess you've created does in fact look as if your eyes were screwed tight the whole time. Sound familiar? This is pretty much how every drag marble nail art used to end up for me until I discovered Little Ondine.

I started with a layer of Ripple* and while the polish was still wet I added a line of Vegas Baby Vegas* through the middle of my nails and swirled everything with my smallest dotting tool. It took me literally about 5 minutes to create this and trust me, that's not how this look usually goes down. The polish really takes all the hard work away because of its consistency and opacity. As Little Ondine is a peel off polish, it has a slightly thicker and gooey (not gloopy) formula so it's super easy to swirl your dotting tool in circles without creating any gaps. It doesn't dry quite as fast as your usual polish either so you have time to go over any mistakes, give it another swirl or whatever!

drag marble swirl mint pastel metallic nail art

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have seen Little Ondine popping in your feed quite often recently and there is a good reason why. A few weeks ago I became the brand's Nail Artist in Residence! I am hoping to inspire you with a few simple nail art looks to dabble in the world of nail art if you're new to it and get you a little creative with your polish. 

Here's a selection of my favourite looks. Which one do you like the most? And how do you do drag marble?

furious filer little ondine nail artist in residence

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