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MeeBox City of Atlantis | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox atlantis review summer mermaid nails

It feels like now that the days are getting longer, summer is just around the corner. You know what else makes me feel like summer? The City of Atlantis themed Meebox. I'm talking sea, sandal ready feet and gorgeous mermaid like nail polish. I know, I am not impressed with the absence of Aquaman either.

For those of you who have no clue what I am on about...MeeBox used to be a nail subscription box that delivered a bunch of nail polishes, nail treatments and nail art products that all corresponded with a theme, to your doorstep. Now MeeBox operates as a shop, releasing new themes on a quarterly basis. The boxes still contain nail polish, nail art goodies and treatments but now you can snatch them whenever you want! The latest in a long line of themes is the City of Atlantis so let's jump right in to see what's inside.

Prism Polish Merula

prism polish merula swatch pastel green furiousfiler

Merula by Prism Polish had a nice creamy formula and it was opaque in 3 coats. Given that there was a purple polish in the box, I really didn't expect this pastel green to be my favourite...but then I realised this colour makes my pasty self look rather tanned so it's definitely the winner!

Color Club Hooked

color club swatch hooked metallic colour shift

I have to admit, metallic polishes are one of my least favourites. I think they are generally great for stamping but it is very difficult to find one that doesn't look streaky and looks exactly like it does in a bottle. Taking all of this into account, Hooked was opaque in 2 coats and you could clearly see the purple reflection as you move your hands. A perfect mermaid shade! The streaks were actually barely visible and the product is nowhere NEAR as streaky as some of the metallic polishes I own.

PRO TIP: To get a metallic polish to look less streaky, brush the polish on the nail as much as you can (work fast before it dries) using very light pressure. Don't overload the brush with product as that makes lines more visible. Instead paint thin coats and layer up if the colour looks too sheer. 

Cuccio Peace, Love and Purple 

cuccio peace love and purple swatch meebox

I really like Cuccio polishes in general and Peace, Love and Purple was no exception. It had a nice creamy formula and was fully opaque in 3 coats. It's a lovely light lilac that's perfect for the season. Or just in general if you love purples as much as me!

Cuccio Sea Kelp & Tea Tree Salt Soak

cuccio foot soak pedicure summer furious filer

I think MeeBox has never featured a foot soak in any of their boxes before so this was a (nice) surprise. Sea kelp and tea tree scented, bright turquoise AND in keeping with the all things sea theme? This is the kind of attention to detail that makes MeeBox stand out in my opinion!

BPS Stamping Plate & Clear Stamper

mermaid stamping plate sea world clear stamper

The Sea World S002 stamping plate was yet another item that, as the name suggests, went perfectly with the theme. It featured mermaids, sea creatures and patterns and the images picked up well with the corresponding stamper. Do you remember the times when clear stampers didn't exist? The pain of applying the stamps and hoping they ended up at least somewhat on the actual nail! With a clear stamper is super easy as you can literally see your nail through it so every image can be placed exactly where you want it. 

Sea Waves Nail Art

sea waves beach metallic summer bright nail art

And place them exactly where I wanted them, I did! I chose the sea waves pattern and I love how the design turned out. I applied the pattern over the mint green 'Merula' and dabbed 'Hooked' on the tips for a faded look.

metallic gradient ombre summer holiday nails furious filer

I love how this design turned out. It's super summery and super shiny, a perfect beach mani! What do you think about this look?

Don't forget that if you missed out on the City of Atlantis box, you can buy it anytime (while stocks last) directly from the MeeBox website along with a selected few previous themes. The box retails at £30 and can be shipped worldwide. What did you think about this box? Let me know in the comments below!

*This product was provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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