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31 Day Challenge: Gradient

Today I'd like, I mean, I'm forced to show you my very own, home brewed, good old #nailfail. Are you excited?! Thought so.

reciprocal gradient #31dc2015 nude dots nails

I have been insanely busy today but dedicated an hour this morning for a quick mani for today's #31DC2015. I'm not sure if I'd would normally show you this manicure but as I had zero free time today to fix it, I have no other choice. And seriously, with 31 manicures in 31 days who's got time for a plan B? Not me!

Even though sometimes a design goes wrong, I have really enjoyed myself during my first 31 Day Challenge so far. It really pushed me to be more creative and try out different techniques. Sometimes they go so well, sometimes it's a fail, like this one! This is a reciprocal gradient and I saw a tutorial on it by @yagala and really wanted to try it myself. It's a simple gradient and with a stamp. The stamp has the same colors as the gradient but there is a twist! You apply the opposite colours of the stamp on the opposite colours of the gradient. It kind of makes it looks as if there are two gradients going on one nail. Kinda cool really...when executed correctly anyway!

#31dc2015 delicate nails moyou pro xl reciprocal gradient

I used Barry M Cotton and Golden Rose Color Expert 101 which is my favourite nude. The stamp is from MoYou Pro XL 11 plate. Well, that is it for the colour section of #31DC2015. I can't believe I've lasted this long! I'll see you tomorrow x

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