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31 Day Challenge: Rainbow

Do you remember when I said that my blue nails were my favourite of my #31DC2015 creations? Well, I've changed my mind! Please, don't make me take these off tomorrow! Sometimes, very rarely, a design comes up so much better than I imagined it and I'd like to hold on to it a bit longer.

rainbow stripes gold stickers bps glitter nails

I've used rainbow colours which are Golden Rose Rich Color 61, Miss Sporty 4265, NYC Melon Milkshake, Deni Carte 40, Rimmel Loafer Lover for You, Rimmel Lovey Dovey and Golden Rose Color Expert 48...in case you were interested! The stripes are done using a striping brush. I also added a bit of glitter in a form of Essence Gold Fever. I love it so much because it has different glitter sizes and colours. My favourite glitters are the ones where apart form larger shapes you also have a dusting of a very fine specks. This one features gold, silver and a bit of red (fine dust). I'm not even going to attempt to guess how long I've had this one for, but we're talking years!

colourful stripes rainbow 3d stickers glitter nails

#31dc2015 striped glitter sticker bps nails

I think this whole design came together when I added the gold stickers*. I'm pretty positive that I will NEVER get through this massive sticker sheet* from bornprettystore.com. It has so many shapes and patterns and it's absolutely humongous! If you'd like some more details I reviewed it here and used it for a ruffian design here.

I find that sometimes stickers change colours when I add a top coat and since I knew I'd have to take this design off tomorrow, I didn't add any. Of course, I added top coat UNDERNEATH the stickers* first. Anyway they hold well and don't lift at all but I did notice some scratches in places so I'd advise using a top coat if you want to hold on to your manicure for a bit longer. You can purchase the sticker sheet* here. Remember you can use my code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout.

Btw, 100% these nails will bore me by tomorrow, so I'll see you tomorrow with a different design! x

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