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31 Day Challenge: Metallic

I will never ever crack horizontal lines. NEVER! Every time I try it's such a fail I can't even..anyway. This design was inspired by Paulina's Passions. Her design was totally cute and neat and it lured me into a false sense of security. There I was, thinking I can totally pull that off and failed miserably!
#31dc2015 metallics models own mauve stripes

In my defence, I think metallics, that are today's #31DC2015 prompt, are not the easiest to work with. I usually paint my nails under a desk lamp to see better but this time the light kept on reflecting off the polish and made me paint the shittiest lines ever. It's not all bad though! I love the colour combo and how cool this Models Own Chrome Mauve is. It's like a liquid metal and the colour is just the bomb. I added three beads on each nail from Ciate Caviar Pearls Ice Queen. The base is a cool shade barbie pink by Golden Rose. 
#31dc2015 metallic pearl caviar beads pink

#31dc2015 metallic pink purple stripes caviar

In case you can't tell already, the lines are free handed, painted with a striping brush. If you have any tips on how to paint horizontal lines, do share! Here's what I know so far:
- striping tape makes me want to bash my head against the wall repeatedly
- free hand - see above
- practice makes perfect - have you come across the name of this blog? I lack any form of patience.

Yeah, I think it's a lost cause! See you tomorrow! X

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