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Lace Over Metallic Gradient

Lace is the last Weekly Nail Art Challenge prompt for this month and I've decided to step out of my comfort zone. Ever since I've started this blog I have never incorporated a metallic silver polish. Even silver glitter only made an appearance a few times. I don't know why though, I have quite a few of them! I thought it was about time to change that.

lace #wnac2016 rhinestones glam nails metallic silver gradient

The theme for January is stil Glitz and Glam but I couldn't decide on what colour to use. I ended up having some sort of internal monologue which went somewhat like this. I asked myself what makes a design glamorous? Black? Sure, but I wasn't feeling it today. I know! Gold! Everyone likes gold. Ugh, gold, AGAIN? You always add bloody gold to everything. Point taken. Hold on...no, don't even go there. Ugh, fine! Silver it it then!

Ever since I can remember I thought that silver polish and anything silver in general doesn't suit me. It's a cold shade and I'm so pale, which is why I wasn't overly excited about using it. But it seemed silly not to at least give it a go and I'm so happy I did! I absolutely love how this turned out!

lace metallic fading gradient moyou london bridal silver

To create the lace effect I used MoYou London Bridal 07 plate and Beauty UK 'Olimpic Silver'. I also tested my new clear stamper from bornprettystore.com. This was just a quick try because it arrived this morning and I really wanted to use it but I think I did alright! The black rhinestones are also from bornprettystore.com and I reviewed them here.

What do you think? Do you like metallic polishes? 

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