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MeeBox Pool Party | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

MeeBox celebrated their third birthday with a pool party and we are all invited! The box was filled with a tonne of colour and nail art goodies to play with. A slice of birthday cake, sadly, not included...

What's a birthday without gifts, eh? This month the UK's fave nail subscription box contained a whopping 8 products: nail polishes, a stamping plate, nail wraps, the whole shebang. Let's dive in!

Barry M Dragon Fruit*

barry m dragon fruit pink swatch furious filer

A barbie pink on the slightly sheer side when it comes to formula. Here I am wearing 3 coats but I think one would be perfect for french because it wasn't streaky at all. I have mixed feelings about tapered brushes these days but this one is very flat and super easy to get that perfect cuticle line!

IZ Beauty of London Eternally Emerald*

iz beauty eternally emerald swatch holographic nail polish

Ideally, you need sunny weather to really appreciate the effect of a holographic polish but I think this emerald green is perfect as we transition to the colder months as well. Shown here with 3 coats and a top coat to bring out the sparkle.

IZ Beauty of London Forget Me Not*

iz beauty forget me not swatch

I absolutely love this colour, it's like a perfect pastel lilac. However the application was a little tricky for me. Here I am wearing 4 coats as I thought 3 were still a little streaky, followed by a top coat.

A England Puck a Fairy*

In my eyes, A England can do no wrong! This is a stunning turquoise shade, perfect for the theme. Puck a Fairy is part of the Shakespeare's Fairies collection that I reviewed here.

Born Pretty Dual-ended Tool and Stamping Plate*

Let's face it, if you need anything ever, Born Pretty Store is the place. I usually make a bigish order a few times a year just to stock up on nail bits (yes, I need more) and one of them actually contained this gradient sponge. I have two words for you: NO MESS. Who knew your hands don't have to be covered in polish from holding a make up sponge?! The only difference for me is that I now paint the colours directly on my nails and blend as opposed to on the sponge like I did before. You can also get the replacement sponges here.

born pretty store bp-x24

Ok, so apparently one tool on it's own is boring now so we have a 2 in 1. I'm not going to complain! The other end of this tool is a mini stamper. It's squishy, it picks up the images well and it's just the right size for the bikini designs. Yep, we have a themed matching stamping plate too!

NCLA Pool Party Nail Wraps*

ncla pool party nail wraps

There may be several advantages to having curved nails but wearing wraps ain't one! I tested these on my thumbs (the flattest of my nails) and they do stick and are cut to fit your cuticles well (or you can always trim them). As its name suggests, I think it's a perfect fit for the theme! If you're in the same boat (nail shape wise) check out how you can make nail wraps work here.

Charlie's Nail Art Neon Hexagon Glitter Mix *

Somehow, I don't actually own any hexagonal confetti so it was nice to add it to my never ending collection of nail stuff. They are made of thin, bendy material so they didn't really stick out and it was nothing that a good plumping top coat couldn't handle anyway. Check out those colours though!

Girly Nail Art

glitter girly cute pastel nail art furious filer

How are we feeling about these confetti tips? I arranged the large bits first while the polish was still wet and then filled the gaps with the small ones. My top coat went a little bubbly *eye roll* but overall I'm really happy with it. It's such a girly combo and I love it!

To secure your next box visit Mebox's website.

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